September 6th 9:13pm

Black Church’s Protest of FAIR Education Act Typifies Hypocrisy

A Southern Missionary Baptist Church pastor in California is none too happy about the inclusion of gay history in schools.

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September 6th 6:26pm

For The Fellas: Sanaa Lathan Is Single And Looking For ___________

Sanaa Lathan chopped it up with Today’s Black Woman Style Report recently about love and career.

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September 6th 5:36pm

7 Things Women Have GOT to Stop Doing in Public

I know from time to time I can go in pretty hard on men in my posts, but don’t worry though, I’m an equal opportunity meanie.

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September 6th 5:25pm

Question Of The Day: How Would Your Child Know This Person Wasn’t Born A Man???

A bunch of uptight, bible-belt-y moms have decided to wage war against the good folks at ABC for allowing Chaz Bono to appear on “Dancing With The Stars” with a female partner.

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September 6th 5:14pm

New King In Town: Weezy F. Baby Breaks Jay-Z And Kanye’s iTunes Sales Record

It looks like Lil Wayne is going to be making it rain on the competition for a while.

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September 6th 4:49pm

Forget The Army We Deserve Apologies: The Top 10 Worst Soulja Boy Songs

While Soulja boy is apologizing to the military men who put their lives on the line for our freedom everyday, he should be apologizing to us as well.

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September 6th 4:36pm

For The Stans And Doubters: Bey Puts Her Hump Full Of Camel On Full Blast In A ‘Kini

And now we can dead that “Beyonce‘s pregnancy is fake” chatter.

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