September 6th 2:53pm

Rumor Control: Did Rachel Uchitel REALLY Say She Was Glad Her Husband Died On 9/11?

Looks like Tiger Woods’ former slutbucket, Rachel Uchitel had some pretty stupid things to say recently.

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September 6th 2:26pm

Question Of The Day: Should People Who Use Food Stamps Only Be Allowed To Purchase Necessities With Them??

Have you ever been in the check out line and seen someone eating better than you paying for groceries with food stamps?

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September 6th 2:00pm

Lisa Leslie: Former WNBA Star is New Co-Owner of LA Sparks

Lisa Leslie has become the first former player to invest in the WNBA in it’s 15-year history

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September 6th 1:25pm

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

What is wrong with this picture?

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September 6th 1:20pm

Hold The Phone! Man Forced To Pay Ex-Wife $14,000 Because He Withheld Sex From Her!

Damn, we heard it was cheaper to keep her, but we didn’t know it costs less cash to smash. SMH.

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September 6th 1:17pm

Covergirls: Adele Does Vogue UK, Talks About Calling Uncle Earl

The very talented Adele is on the cover of Vogue UK

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September 6th 12:54pm

Guess Which Rapper Was Kidnapped By His Dad As A 9-Month-Old Baby And Driven Across State Lines With His Mom Handcuffed To The Front Seat?

Well damn… one of these guys’ family lives was just all the way dysfunctional from the start. Can you guess which rapper had the bad kidnapping dad?

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September 6th 12:32pm

When Animals Get Attacked: California Man Popped For Mutilating A Python By Biting Into It…TWICE!!

There is something verrrrry suspect about a man putting his mouth on a snake…

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September 6th 11:38am

The Evolution Of Kelly Rowland

One of the founding members of Destiny’s Child, Kelly Rowland has had her fair share of success both independently

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