October 27th 7:08pm

RihRih Gets Rid Of Her Granny Get Up And Brings The Bubbies Out!

Rihanna went for a demure floral look at her Manhattan book signing this afternoon, but as the evening wore on, she shed her modest frock for what looks like a corset bra and daisey dukes. MEOW!

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October 27th 6:28pm

Remember Me???

Dayuuum we haven’t seen good ol’ Saaphyri since she was slanging “Indian Hair” and “Lip Chap” after her stint on Charm School.

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October 27th 5:14pm

Watch The BOSSIP Edition Of Kandi Koated Nights Tonight 10/27 at 10pm

Kandi Burruss is one of our favorite reasons to watch “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” so when she offered to do a special Bossip edition of her Ustream show “Kandi Koated Nights” we couldn’t wait.

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October 27th 5:12pm

Baby J-Lo: Francesca Ramirez Is Set To Be The 2011 J-Lo?! [Video]

All we will say is… Di__y fawked up on this one too! Lead singer of the Burlesque Pussycat Dolls Review Francesca Ramirez has joined a production team that will take her to the next level. Here is a little video spec .. Francesca says “I am very excited to let fans and people around the…

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October 27th 4:49pm

Fill In The Blank

Ciara and Kim Kardashian celebrated Ci Ci’s birthday last night at NYC hotspot Greenhouse. We thought this photo could use a lil explanation. Do you think Kim told Ciara “Open wide ___________”

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October 27th 4:25pm

Melbourne, Australia Wants No Parts Of Akon In It

Pretending to chop down young girls or comparing your package to Wyclef’s on stage may not get you banned from a venue in Australia. Neither will throwing young boys off a stage.

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October 27th 4:19pm

Twitter Files: Ne-Yo Has A Sh*t Fit Because…

What has Ne-Yo “Frustrated Yet At Mental Peace”? Continue to find out what’s got him mad…

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October 27th 3:59pm

Poet Slams Nicki Minaj: “Barbie Stop Spitting These Toy Stories!”

Sociology and African-American studies major of the University of Wisconsin, Jasmine Mann, rips Young Money’s prized barbie b*tch Nicki Minaj a new one and says “come harder.”

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October 27th 3:50pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Jamie Foxx feat. Drake – “Fall For Your Type” (GO) Denise Richards Talks Charlie Sheen (GO) Kimora Lee Simmons Wants YOU to Be the Face of Her New Skincare Line! (GO) Raz-B Continues Marques Houston Abuse Allegations; “He Was Putting His Penis In My Bootyhole… (GO) Flipside: 11 Rap Albums With Multiple Covers (GO) Christina…

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October 27th 3:28pm

The King Stays Uncaged For Five More Days

Today is the first of T.I.‘s last five free days in 2010.

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October 27th 2:21pm

Dear Bossip: How Come He’s Moved On and Why Can’t I?

I have a problem with my life right now Bossip and I could really use some third party advice without judgement. I was with my ex-husband for 4 years and we have two kids. We had our oldest daughter when we were in our early twenties and we were on again off again for a…

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October 27th 1:18pm

Knifed Up Swag: 15 Alleged Celebrity Plastic Surgeries

Now, there’s nothing wrong with tweaking your God given beauty, but when does a trend go too far? Updating your look no longer consists of a new outfit or rocking a new hairstyle; it requires “going under.”

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