August 16th 11:20am

Hoy En Mi Gente News: Salma Hayek And Her Juicy Fun Bags Look Lovely For Allure Magazine

Despite the Baby Mama Drama her husband is having, Salma Hayek is looking awfully lovely

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August 16th 11:00am

Top 10 Black Multimedia Mavens to Watch

The top African-American writers, TV personalities, activists, speakers, and techies…

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August 16th 10:50am

Dear Bossip: He Was Taking Care Of Me Financially, But The Past Year His Pockets Have Been On Empty

Dear Bossip, I have been with my boyfriend for nearly two years. He’s 42 and I’m 24.

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August 16th 10:39am

Isht Is Real On The Frontlines: At Least 151 US Soldiers Have Committed Suicide This Year

And here we were believing that the war in Afghanistan was the biggest threat to our troops.

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August 16th 10:14am

Question Of The Day: Do All Fat People Need To Lose Weight???

Can fat people be healthy? A provocative new study shows that obese people who are otherwise healthy

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August 16th 9:56am

Remember Me???

Remember Lisa Lisa from back in the 80’s??? Wanna see what she looks like now???

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August 16th 9:39am

Who Looked More Bangin On The Beach?? Dania Ramirez Vs. Jessica White

Bangers-du-jour, Jessica White and Dania Ramirez frolicked on the beach in Cali

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August 16th 9:35am

To Whom Do These Spandex Clad Cakes Belong?

These cakes have probably gotten a lil plumper over the last year, but for good reason! Can you guess which Hollyweird star on a weight loss mission was snapped at the pump?

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August 16th 8:54am

You Knew This Was Coming: “Law & Order: SVU” To Turn DSK Rape Saga Into Season Opening Episode

You gotta love these “McDowell’s” versions of real life events the SVU writers keep feeding us.

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August 16th 8:48am

In Loving Memory Of Lil Julian: Jennifer Hudson Honors The Death Of Her Murdered Nephew With New Foundation

It took J-Hud some time to get over the tragic murders that happened to her family back in 2008

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