June 6th 7:28am

Congratulations: Lauryn Hill Announces Gut Full Of Marley Number Six

Now we feel kind of bad for making fun of Lauryn’s get up in Detroit on Saturday.

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June 5th 1:51pm

Hair Game Proper: Celebrity Hair Entrepreneurs And Spokeswomen

As individuals that are seen on the covers of magazines, in movies, in music videos and more, a celebrity’s hair has ALWAYS got to be on point

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June 5th 1:46pm

Cry Me A River: Paris Hilton Throws A Tantrum After Barbara Walters Calls Shenanigans During Interview

Poor thang. Paris Hilton thought she was going to reinvent herself by doing a reality show

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June 5th 1:24pm

You Can’t Be Serious: Florida Authorities Want To Press Charges Against Sean Kingston For Almost Hurting Manatees

Yes, we’re talking about the same Sean Kingston who could have possibly died last Sunday and is still laying in a hospital bed with a tube to help him breath.

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June 5th 12:32pm

Jaden Smith Gets His GQ On In His Latest Black And White Photoshoot [Photos]

Jaden Smith may be only 12 years old, but he could have fooled us with his style and his personality.

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June 5th 12:17pm

Which One Would You Hit?? Los Angeles Clippers Edition

Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan of the Los Angeles Clippers hit up the Spike TV “Guy’s Choice Awards” last night with their lil GQ swag in full effect.

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June 5th 12:01pm

Common Deal Breakers That Shouldn’t Be Deal Breakers

While most single people have a list of things that they are looking for in a mate, far too many folks will let a good thing pass them by because they’ve got one

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June 5th 11:50am

Rihanna Gives A Lapdance To A Lucky Female Fan At Loud Tour [Video+Photos]

It seems Rihanna as taken out a page of Nicki Minaj’s book and is giving away free lapdances.

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June 5th 11:49am

This Guy Is Officially E-V-E’s Rap Retirement Plan

This is Eve‘s British race car driver boo Maximillion Cooper.

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June 5th 11:43am

Perverts: CSI & Hangover Actor Popped For Pretending To Be A Cop And Raping A “Las Vegas Body Rubs” Masseuse

Another day, another vert popped for trying to force their unwanted lovin on a woman:

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June 5th 11:27am

NFL Rookie Gets Fried Chicken And Watermelon Tattoo, Lashes Out At Critics [Photos]

Denver Broncos player Von Miller is stirring up controversy after releasing pictures of his latest tattoo, a piece of fried chicken and watermelon.

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June 5th 11:19am

Eatin’ Good: Christina Aguilera Debuts Her Chunky Cottage Cheese Thighs At “Extra” Event

X-Tina Aguilera hit up the Grove in Cali to host “Extra” with Mario Lopez looking a lil chunkier than usual….

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June 5th 11:07am

This Guy Ain’t Sh*t: John “Ho Hoarding On Donation Scrilla” Edwards Says He “Did Not Break The Law”

Eff this guy: Former presidential hopeful John Edwards pleaded not guilty Friday to federal charges that he solicited and secretly spent more than $925,000 to hide his mistress and their baby

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