September 19th 3:58pm

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September 19th 3:44pm

Barry-O Gives The Shady Republican Haters A ‘Ho Sit Down’: “This Ain’t No Class Warfare… It’s Math!”

Now we’re talking… President Obama is putting those shady Republican wanksters in their place after they tried crying about “class warfare.”

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September 19th 3:05pm

Bye Bye Marc Anthony: Jennifer Lopez’s Releases New Video “Papi”

Jennifer Lopez’s lead man-meat in the new video “Papi” is everything Marc Anthony isn’t… TaLL!! If you’ve been watching TV lately then you have already seen a sneak peek in the new Fiat commercial. Check out the full video below and tells us what you think… Hate It or Love It?!?!

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September 19th 2:07pm

End Of Days: Bus-Sized Satellite Set To Crash Into The Earth But The Nitwits At NASA Don’t Know Where!

And we thought these fools were s’posed to be rocket scientists… SMH

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September 19th 2:00pm

Wanted: Black Owners in the NBA & NFL

The labor-only arrangement is well beyond tired.

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September 19th 1:53pm

The Side-Eye: Mila Kunis’ People Deny The Texts And Pictures That Prove Justin Timberlake Was Frosting Those Tiny Cupcakes

Last week, it was revealed that Kunis was the victim of those pesky hackers. They supposedly revealed pics of Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis in precarious positions and texts indicating some chopperee was going down. But Camp Kunis denies.

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September 19th 1:41pm

Bye, Haters: Cam Newton Throws For 400 Yards Again! This Time Against The Super Bowl Champs

Thought Killa Cam’s first game as an NFL player was a fluke? Not a chance.

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September 19th 1:39pm

Sandra Bullock And Her Precious Lil Cajun Cookie Louis Bardo Head Back To Hollyweird

Paps captured Sandra Bullock totin’her adorable son Louis Bardo on their trip from Austin, TX back to La La Land.

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September 19th 1:20pm

Put On Blast: 10 Of The Worst Reported Celebrity Tippers

Which of these ballin’ a$$ celebs would you expect to be THE worst tipper of all time?

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