September 27th 9:27am

Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Michael Vick And The Eagles Murk The Jaguars, Vick Threw 3 TD Passes & Runs One In

Vick played an “outstanding” game yesterday to lead the Philadelphia Eagles to victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars: Michael Vick sparked a rally against Green Bay, dismantled Detroit and picked apart Jacksonville.

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September 27th 8:16am

Now You Too Can Get Tatted Up For Dereon

We probably shoulda guessed that the temporary tatts BeyBey wass wearing the Fall 2010 Dereon campaign had something to do with another way for her to make money.

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September 26th 5:04pm

Media Is Taking Note of Diversity on The Fashion Runways

It’s nice to know that someone, besides the culturally-focused publications, is noticing how diversity, or the lack thereof, is playing out in varying environments from corporate offices to fashion runways.

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September 26th 3:44pm

Coupled Up: Babyface And His Baby Mama Do Upscale Hollyweird

Babyface was spotted with girlfriend Nicole Patenburg at “THE” Hollyweird event to attend last night.

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September 26th 2:26pm

Two New Cast Members Added To “Basketball Wives” and VH1 Still Doesn’t Understand The Word Wife

These two ladies have been confirmed as the latest glorified NBA groupies NBA significant others to join the cast of VH1′s Basketball Wives starting in December. But once again: neither is married to a baller.

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September 26th 2:18pm

Pure Comedy: Eddie Long Debuts New Greasy, Soul Glowed-Out Toupee Man Wig At Service Today

Bishop Eddie Long addressed his congregation this morning, and along with his message, he also debuted a brand new greasy jheri-curl juiced up toupee.

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September 26th 2:12pm

Get A Clue: Guy Doesn’t Mention The Future, He’s Not Into You

We’ve all heard this story: guy dates girl longer than Methuselah’s teeth. After trying out to be a wife–you know the drill– cooking, washing his crusty draws, even having one or a set of his babies, and wishing every Christmas or Valentine’s Day that he pops the question, the two break up.

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September 26th 1:02pm

SMH: Zahara’s Hair Is A Self-Esteem Issue Waiting To Happen

Angelina’s oldest daughter Zahara is five years-old and has been Angie and Brad’s kid since she was 6 months.

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September 26th 1:00pm

Clifford’s Drug Bust Just Cost Him Another Check

T.I. may still be waiting to find out the legal ramifications of his stupidity. But his pockets know exactly what time it is.

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September 26th 12:50pm

Albert Haynesworth: “Yeah, I Signed The Contract & Got Paid A Lot Of $$, But That Don’t Mean I’m For Sale Or A Slave Or Whatever.”

Mr. “I screw shady stripper hoes raw dog” speaks on his contract with the Redskins, and why he’s not a slave: Albert Haynesworth says that if the Redskins think they own him because they signed him to a $100 million contract last year, they need to think again.

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