September 13th 10:48am

This Broad Sounds Like A Looney Tune: Philly Woman Gets Suspended From Work, Then Comes Back & Murks Co-Workers

What is going on with folks today??? Just shooting sh*t up for some straight trivial nonsense!!! Yvonne Hiller, a Kraft Foods plant worker who had been suspended for feuding with colleagues, returned minutes after being escorted from the building with a .357 handgun, found her foes in a break room and executed two of them…

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September 13th 10:27am

To Whom Do These Leather Clad Cakes Belong?

These broad backs were spotted out on the scene in Hollyweird Saturday. Can you identify the leather clad cakes? The answer probably won’t surprise you. Keep reading for the answer.

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September 13th 9:47am

Who Owned It? Best Of The VMA Performances

Eminem and Rihanna, Drake, Swizz Beatz and Mary J Blige, Usher, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, B.O.B. and Kanye West all performed at last night’s 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, but who owned it?

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September 13th 9:43am

Kelly Rowland Is Anxious, Lip-Syncing & Half-Naked In YRB

Poor baby. Performance anxiety seems to have gotten the best of Kelly Rowland.

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September 13th 9:22am

Who Is My Mommy???

This precious little guy was spotted chillin on his mommy’s back. Can you guess who she is???

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September 13th 9:07am

Poor Thang: Andre Leon Talley Falls Off Bench During Fashion Week

SMH. Dude is like 6’6″ 275 lbs. “at least”.. Andre Leon Talley took a spill at the Costello Tagliapietra show Friday afternoon.

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September 13th 12:19am

Dude — Where’s My Stylist?

Not every VMA moment was a win Sunday night, especially in the style department. and Nicki Minaj set the tone for an evening of SMH and WTF worthy outfits. More questionable getups from Cher, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Trey Songz when you continue.

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September 12th 11:32pm

Which One Would You Hit? VMA Edition

Drake and Ne-Yo both hit the white carpet before the start of this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. If you had to choose between Blur-Face Drake and Suspect Stance Ne-Yo Which One Would You Hit?

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September 12th 10:33pm

Who Looked More Bangin’? VMA Edition

Ciara and Eva Marcille both arrived at the MTV Video Music awards wearing feather covered frocks and big platform heels. If you had to choose Who Looked More Bangin?

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September 12th 2:21pm

16 Signs You’re A Crazy Lover

There’s a thin line between passion and crazy. But you’re not crazy, right? Just passionate. Passionate about your catch of a partner. Read more at

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September 12th 2:11pm

Where Is Kim Porter??? She’s Seen On The Scene Along With Some Other Hollyweirdian Folks

Kim Porter, Amber Rose, Chris Breezy, Reggie Bush, and a gang of other celebs were spotted on the streets of Hollyweird and NYC this weekend.

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September 12th 1:57pm

Bossip Tweetstakes: Enter To Win An Evening Of Luxury Relaxation In Jeremih’s “All About You” Pampering Suite

Attention Jeremih fans! If you’re in the ATLANTA area, BOSSIP and Def Jam are offering you the chance to attend a special evening of music, cocktails and spa treatments at the Artmore Hotel all compliments of Def Jam artist Jeremih!

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September 12th 1:40pm

Caption This

Trey Songz and Tamala Jones shared an intimate and special moment while greeting each other at the Pre-VMA Summer Soiree. Caption This…

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