October 11th 9:42am

SMH: “Occupy Wall Street” Protesters Include Rich, Bored College Kids Whose Parents Are Everything The Protest Is Against

Is everyone involved with the “Occupy Movement” really part of the “99 percent” of people who don’t monopolize America’s wealth?

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October 11th 9:38am

Beyonce Opens Up About Pregnancy And Relationship With Camel…”I Had To Find Myself First Before Having A Baby” [Photos & Video]

Just when you thought you would get a day off from reading about BeyBey and her baby bump, here she is with another magazine cover and a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar

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October 11th 9:23am

On The Party Scene: Kanye West Shows Love At “Reed Between The Lines” Screening

Something in the body language here is telling us these two are pretty close.

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October 11th 9:19am

Are You Feeling Miguel’s Slightly Less Suspect Swag??

Our favorite undercover lover Miguel was among the “Rising Icons” recognized by Grey Goose in NYC last night.

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October 11th 8:47am

In White Folks News: Jessica Simpson Is Knocked Up And Preparing To Tell The World!

Uhhhh, since everyone and their great-grandma is toting a gut full these days, not sure how bid this announcement is going to be for Jessica: Jessica Simpson is preparing to announce to the world that she is pregnant

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October 11th 8:26am

Tracy Morgan Flossin’ And Kissin’ His Lil Young Thang At “The Late Show” And Defends His Homophobic Antics…”It Was All Just A Misunderstanding” [Video]

We see you, Tracy Morgan, with your lil PYT getting all kissy faced for the cameras when arriving at the Late Show yesterday in NYC:

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October 11th 8:10am

Herman “Black GOP” Cain Taking Over??? Pizza CEO Jumps Ahead Of Rick Perry For The #2 Spot In The Republican Race

Looks like hunting at a place called N*****head has made Rick Perry a little unfavorable with the conservatives these days:

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October 11th 8:03am

Pure Comedy: Hooker Uses Undercover Cop’s Car As Getaway Vehicle After He Tries To Pop Her

How do you report this or tell your colleagues you let this happen??

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