September 15th 6:34pm

Let’s Try This Again: “T.I. Is ‘The Inmate’ No More, Officially Released From Prison This Morning”

Now that “the man” has found another rapper to take T.I.‘s place in jail (hold ya head, Gucci…)

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September 15th 5:18pm

Tupac Shakur Career Highlights: Commemorating the 15th Anniversary of His Death

Yesterday marked the 15th anniversary of the death of Tupac Shakur. Check out 10 highlights of his illustrious career.

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September 15th 5:17pm

America’s Next Top Model’s Favorite “He-She” Is Back!: Isis King Is On His Her Its The New Cycle [Video]

Isis is just trying to inspire all the lil Fee-Fee’s and Antoine Dodson’s out there! Whaaaaat?

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September 15th 3:48pm

Whaazuup! : 30 Hip Hop Lyrical References To Martin

Martin was must see TV. From 1992-1997, busting a gut off ol’ Marty Mart and his cast of characters was a Thursday night ritual for many in the black community.

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September 15th 3:42pm

Japanese Dogs Jump Rope Breaking Record [Video]

Damn dogs are so frickin cuuute!

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September 15th 3:38pm

Here’s One Great Reason Why Halle Berry Shouldn’t Go Back To Long Hair Don’t Care…

Not only does Halle Berry have a bangin’ body but those short tresses on the top of her dome give her that extra “I’m That Chick” edge. While on set filming “Cloud Atlas” in Europe, a couple of pics were snapped

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September 15th 3:08pm

You’re Setting Yourself Up For Disaster If…

You spend hours choosing the perfect outfit so you can make the best first impression.

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