September 15th 1:16pm

SMH: Wiz And Amber’s “Wedding” Was Just Some Publicity Stuntin’???

Disregard the tux, the white dress and the suspect “first dance” and “wedding party” photos. The Wiz Khalifa/Amber Rose nuptials

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September 15th 12:39pm

Ho Sit Down: Satoshi Kanazawa Finally Admits His Black Women Are Less Attractive “Psychology Today” Analysis Was Bullshizz

The London School of Economics And Political Science have given Satoshi Kanazawa, the author of the controversial “Psychology Today” article “Why Black Women Are Less Attractive” a formal Ho Sit Down.

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September 15th 12:31pm

Certified Links

Elsewhere On The Web…

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September 15th 12:28pm

R-Kelly Talks House Foreclosure, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Black Panties, And Teaming Up With Obama [Video]

Turn the page to see R Kelly talk about his house foreclosure and a Barack Obama & R Kelly Movement.

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September 15th 12:14pm

David Banner’s New Jawn: A White Girl Calls Us N___A And We Just Sit Back And Laugh… We Call It SWAG [Video]

David Banner’s new jawn “Swag” was released about a month ago and now he’s giving you a visual to go with it. The lyrics are not your typical sell a key – chop a hoe down – let’s do a bump type lyrics… It looks like he’s calling all these wack nasty rappers out but…

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September 15th 12:11pm

Rumor Control: Did Kreayshawn Really Squash The Beef With Rick Ross Or Is She Throwing More Shade?

Looks like the Rick Ross and Kreayshawn beef may be short-lived.

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September 15th 12:04pm

The 10 Best & Worst Restaurants In America

With so many food scares going on, it can be a very hard time for parents to decide where to eat and how healthy it is for your family.

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September 15th 11:27am

Take That, Take That!: Diddy’s Seed Justin Is 1 Of The Top Recruits For College Football!

Diddy’s first born has, Justin Combs, has turned out to be something to talk about when it comes to football. The young corner back – high school senior – got a chance to chop it up with the Lemming Report as a guest with his pops as his wingman. When asked who his playing style…

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September 15th 11:00am

The 10 Schools That Generate The Most and Least Debt For Its Grads

Education is invaluable but certainly not cheap.

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September 15th 10:59am

Chris Bosh Vs Skip Bayless: Bosh Confronts Skip About “Bosh Spice” (Gay) Name [Video]

Everyone knows Chris’ soft a$$ wouldn’t hurt a feeling.

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September 15th 10:52am

Tweet Of The Morning: Ciara Is Plotting A “Scandal”

Ladies and gentlemen: this is how nude pics get “stolen,” emails get “leaked,” and “sex scandals” start…

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September 15th 10:42am

Coupled Up: Swizz Beatz And Alicia Keys Are The Picture Of Blissful Matrimony-Dom At His Surprise B-Day Party

Alicia Keys played the good wife Monday, throwing hubby Swizzy Beaks a surprise shindig for his 33rd born day.

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