August 4th 11:36am

Neighborhood Watch: The Evolution of 6 Rappers’ Hoods

We all know that many rappers paint a gritty picture of their old dwellings, but how many of those hoods have stayed true to their descriptions over the years? In other words, which neighborhoods have come up, which ones have gentrified and which ones have stayed the same. From Bankhead to Bed-Stuy, we take a look.

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August 4th 11:05am

Rihanna’s Former “Love God” Is Back To Blowing Her Backs Out

Remember dude that had Rihanna open and bent over at the Kadooment festival the other day???

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August 4th 10:59am

Breaking News: Another Gunman Reported Walking Around Virginia Tech Campus!

We all remember what happened in April of 2007 when 32 people lost their lives on this campus.

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August 4th 10:35am

What The Health?!?! Study Shows That Eating A Balanced Diet Will Add Big Bucks To Your Food Budget

We all need to be mindful of what we put into our bodies, but at what cost?

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August 4th 10:34am

Twitter Files: Ol’ Lumphead Eric Williams Doesn’t Think He Was Wrong For Throwing A Drink In Jen’s Face

If Eric Williams was a female in real life, we probably would have thought nothing of his throwing a drink in his ex Jennifer‘s face in the preview for next week’s episode of Basketball Wives.

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August 4th 9:41am

Who Looked More Bangin?? Kelly Rowland Vs. Jessica White

Jessica White attended The Common Good Cocktail Party and Kelly Rowland celebrated the Sean John “Empress” perfume preview both in NYC.

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August 4th 9:32am

Are You Feeling This Get Up??

Here are Tiny’s daughter Zonnique and the other girls Reginae Carter dumped when she realized being an OMG Girl would get her nowhere in life.

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August 4th 9:32am

Matrimony-dom: Naomi Campbell Set To Wed Her Billionaire Swirl Piece… But Isn’t He Married?

How do you marry a married man? For Naomi’s sake we hope he signed them “papers”.

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August 4th 9:25am

Dirty Dog Diaries…PART 2: ‘To Catch A Predator’ Chris Hansen Caught In A Second Cheating Scandal!!

Think we’re gonna have to start calling him Chris “Can’t Get Right”…SMH

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