September 14th 12:58am

Chris Brown Starts FAME Tour In Toronto Dry-Thumping A Female On Stage! [Video]

The F.A.M.E. Tour started off in Toronto, where Breezy started off his set with a BANG!

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September 13th 6:39pm

Today In Disfunctional D-List Love: Laura Govan Says It’s Back To All Good With Gilbert Arenas And He Put A Ring Back On It

Ladies, is it just us, or could the man who left us with four kids, including a newborn, never get so much as the time of day from us again in life?

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September 13th 6:14pm

Making It Rain On Them Unemployed Singers & Recovering Addicts: Jordin Sparks To Star Alongside Whitney Houston In “Sparkle” Remake

Uh oh! Looks like someone put Nippy on the comeback trail and set Jordin Sparks on that J. Hud career track.

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September 13th 6:09pm

Racial Divide In House: Nastasia Goes Crazy On Bad Girls Club New Orleans After Drinks Are Thrown In Limo And More! [Video]

If you haven’t been keeping up with Bad Girls Club New Orleans, you missed the house be divided racially and the “non black girls” get picked as models and chosen to walk the runway. It’s on!

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September 13th 5:55pm

Jay-Z & Beyonce Stroll Around New York And Have Lunch With No Julius Security! [Video]

The pregger couple was spotted eating (for two) and taking a stroll through New York’s Tribeca area. No Julius or security was in site!

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September 13th 5:21pm

10 Reasons Why I Might Not Accept Your Friend Request

I once listened to an interview with Jill Scott in which she said she was hesitant about the social networking craze because these sites often used words like “friend”.

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September 13th 5:05pm

How Long Will They Mourn Me? A Gallery Of Loyal Tupac Fans With His Face Tattooed On Them

Today, September 13, 2011 marks the 15th anniversary of the death of Tupac Amaru Shakur, R.I.P.

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September 13th 4:38pm

US News Ranks The Top 10 HBCUs (Who Was Number 1?)

US News has released their annual lists of best colleges throughout the United States, and have compiled their top 10 HBCU schools.

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September 13th 4:33pm

Aiding Somalia: Celebrities Who Are Leveraging Their Fame To Raise Funds

Somalia is in a deep crisis due to famine. Somalia and surrounding countries need over a billion to help remedy the situation and celebs definitely are key to raising those funds.

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September 13th 4:30pm

R.I.P.: 34-Year-Old French Hip-Hop Producer DJ Mehdi Dies In Freak Accident

Reports are still sketchy, but the story coming out of Paris is that producer DJ Mehdi died overnight on Monday following the most random of accidents.

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September 13th 4:20pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web

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September 13th 4:06pm

A Lil Positivity: Daddy-To-Be Hov Is Holding A Charity Carnival For His Scholarship Foundation

Looks like the talk of babies got The Camel thinking about the future.

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