May 13th 9:11am

Is Romeo Tryin’ To Catch A Cougar Again? Hugged Up With Nicole Murphy In Beverly Hills

If you saw “Jumping The Broom” you know Romeo loves him a more “mature” woman…

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May 13th 8:58am

For Discussion: Are The NAACP Awards And Other Celebrations Of African-American Talent Still Necessary??

Yesterday, actress Ellen Pompeo brought up an interesting point on “The View.”

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May 13th 8:52am

Nick Cannon Responds To Mariah’s Beer Drinking While Breastfeeding And Child Protective Services Rumors

Nicky Carey Cannon was on Piers Morgan last night and expressed his anger regarding that crazy story about MiMi and Dem Babies’ hospital fiasco:

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May 13th 8:43am

Coupled-Up: Slimmy Trimmy Jenny Brings Out The Baby Daddy

Well, here’s someone we haven’t seen in a little while.

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May 13th 8:41am

Some Swirled Up Morning Matrimony-dom Preciousness: Heidi And Seal Land At LAX With All Them Kids

Heidi Klum and Seal were spotted arriving back in Los Angeles with the fam after their most recent vow renewal ceremony in Florida.

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May 13th 8:32am

Taliban Revenge: Suicide Bombers Murk 80 People To Avenge Osama bin Laden’s Death

80 dead and 120 injured thanks to some bin Laden stans: A pair of suicide bombers attacked recruits leaving a paramilitary training center in Pakistan on Friday, killing 80 people

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May 13th 8:26am

Another One Bites The Dust: Chicago Embarrasses Atlanta In A Game 6 Send-Off

The Atlanta Hawks had a really good season. Their fans even thought this might be the first time the team made it to the Eastern Conference Finals since moving to Atlanta.

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May 13th 8:10am

End Of Days: Man Spends Life Savings To Warn Us Of The Upcoming Apocalypse

According to this guy we only have about a week left to enjoy our time here on Earth…

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May 12th 11:06pm

How To Register Your Online Business

There are three main reasons — and depending on your long term plans, a fourth reason — to register a business with the state: liability, credibility, taxes and ownership.

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