October 1st 12:48pm

Meet Linda Melton: The “Star Maps Lady” Who Is Being Sued By Michael Jackson’s Neighbors For Ruining Property Values!

Is this woman single-handedly bringing down the value of posh Los Angeles homes with her ‘Star Map’ shenanigans???

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October 1st 12:26pm

A Teacher Breaks Up Crip & Blood Fighting Then Gives Them Both A Lesson [Video]

We need more teachers to man up and take control of a classroom like this guy!!

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October 1st 12:07pm

Lessons Learned From Reality TV

Unless you live on Pluto, you’ve heard of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Braxton Family Values and the mother of all reality putridity, the Real Housewives franchise.

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October 1st 11:37am

Rude Gal RihRih Boo’ed By Irish Audience After Being Tardy For The Party

Rihanna is continuing to have bad luck with the Irish.

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October 1st 11:18am

President Obama To Republicans: “Eff Yo’ Politics, Pass My Jobs Bill For The American People That Need Help!”

President Obama has had enough of the tomfoolery and wants some real action to be taken.

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October 1st 10:24am

Did Dwyane Wade Go HAM On NBA Commissioner David Stern During NBA Player Negotiations Yesterday?!

DWade is normally smiling, happy, and congenial, what the HELL happened?!?

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October 1st 8:00am

Is THIS The End: Will Smith’s $19 Million “Family Fitting” NYC Apartment Up For Sale [PICS]

At any other given time, no one would think a thing about Will Smith giving up an apartment in a city that he doesn’t live in.

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September 30th 5:25pm

Baby Bump Bey Bey Steps Out With Them Thighs On Blast

Forget the gut full of Camel, we are too busy scoping out them thighs!

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September 30th 5:20pm

Hate It Or Love It? Eva Mendes’s New Boo Wines And Dines Her With A…Gift Certificate?

Cars. Jewelry. Exotic vacations. Gift Certificates. One of these doesn’t go.

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