July 25th 12:16pm

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July 25th 11:57am

Does Fame Kill?

It tends to highlight what might already be there.

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July 25th 11:43am

Are You A Future Wife Or Forever Wifey???

Today’s discussion is about “getting that ring”- or more specifically, “are you ever going to get that ring?”

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July 25th 11:42am

Elsewhere In The World: Crazy Norwegian Gunman ” Anders Behring Breivik” Said To Have Two More Terrorist Cells Working With Him!

This is under investigation after ‘ole boy stated that he “did all that killing” on his own:

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July 25th 11:28am

RihRih Says Madonna Helped Inspire Her To Do Ho Isht

We probably have Madonna to thank for Rihanna’s love of streetwalker wear and chameleon ways.

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July 25th 11:00am

Hating Tyler Perry: Why Does He Raise the Ire of the Black Intelligentsia?

If Perry Can Do Bad All By Himself, Should Black Critics Assign His Films to “Perry’s Inferno”?

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July 25th 9:57am

Pre-Historic Swirl: Scientists Now Have Proof That Humans And Neanderthals Were Getting It In

A new study shows that 9% of humans today carry Neanderthal genes because our ancestors were all about that swirl life 50,000 years ago.

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July 25th 9:52am

What Were You Thinking?? Nurse Assistant Fired For Posting Pic Of 51-Year-Old Patient’s Buttocks On Facebook

First of all, this broad is gross for taking the photo, let alone having the nerve to post that joint up on her Facebook page:

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