August 20th 7:00am

Guess The Glittery Golden Backs…

Guess who’s glittery golden backs were spotted out gyrating in Barcelona, Spain? Shakira was on the set of her new music video shakin’ it like a salt shaker. The Latin Beyonce-look-alike took a break from poppin’ to powder her nose. Source

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August 20th 6:51am

Naomi Campbell’s New Crew: Jay-Z, Beyonce & Quincy Jones

Blood Diamond Naomi has been marred with controversy since she testified against Liberian dictator Charles Taylor in his war crimes trial. To take a break, she has decided to gather up a new crew and head out on a Mediterranean cruise. Rumor has it that she’s taking some notable names with her.

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August 20th 6:33am

Officially Jewish! Amar’e Stoudemire Goes Kosher, Gets Tatted & Sends Hebrew Tweets

Amare has returned from his Holy tour of Jerusalem and officially declared himself Jewish. In doing so, he has also decided to pay homage his new religion by rocking a Yarmulke, getting tatted with the 12 tribes of Israel and the star of David and even tweeting in Hebrew.

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August 20th 2:33am

Bow Wow: When I Was 5, Snoop And Dre Had So Much Respect For My Mom… They Didn’t Expose Me To A$$ And Tittays!!!

Bow Wow’s new movie “Lottery Ticket” premiered last week in Atlanta and L.A. but before he could hop on the first plane jetting out of LaLa Land, Bow Wow took a slight detour and hit up Lopez Tonight. Bow Wow has done a lot for a dude that is only 23 but if it wasn’t…

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August 19th 7:19pm

Are You Feeling This Get Up?

LaLa Vazquez spiced up a pretty tame (almost all white) outfit with a red bag and some cheetah print shoes. Are You Feelin’ This Get Up?

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August 19th 6:49pm

Caption This

The cast of “The Expendables” hit up the New York Stock Exchange this morning to ring the Opening Bell and somehow photographers convinced Terry Crews to take his shirt off. If you had to write a caption for this photo, what would it be?

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August 19th 6:16pm

Some Afternoon Handsome

This one comes by popular request. After we posted Gabriel Aubry yesterday, some of the ladies were requesting a lil Adam Rodriguez in their lives.

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August 19th 5:25pm

Facebook: Taking ‘NO PRIVACY’ To The Next Level

Why would you want all of your Facebook friends to know where you are 100% of the time?

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August 19th 5:16pm

Lil Justin Combs Wants To Be A Bad Boy MC Too

It looks like Diddy’s son Justin wants to go into the family business of entertaining. The 16-year-old was among up and coming artists who performed at last night’s Break N Through Concert Series. Check out more photos below.

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August 19th 4:38pm

Attention ATL HipHop Fans! BOSSIP’s Lil B Ticket Giveaway

The internet phenomenon Lil B will be performing Friday August 20th in Atlanta, GA at “The Loft.”

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August 19th 3:24pm

Remember Me???

Outside of Urkel, one of “Family Matters” most memorable characters had to be the Winslow’s cousin, little Richie Crawford who could do a pretty mean Michael Jackson impersonation back in the day. In case you were wondering whatever happened to Richie, we’ve got an update for ya.

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August 19th 12:36pm

Certified Links

Birdman Shows Off 900 Karat Chain [Video] – (GO) Jen Aniston — Credit Card Situation Was ‘Not Cool’ - (GO) Vanessa Hudgens’ See Thru Does Airport Security of the Day – (GO) Yung Joc Cited After His Pitbulls Attack Neighbor’s Dog – (GO) Low Black Male Graduation Rates Indicate a Failure in Faith, Not Circumstances…

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August 19th 12:09pm

Who Looked More Bangin’?

BFF’s Brandy Norwood and Kelly Rowland were spotted leaving Hollyweird hotspot Katsuya… You’d think they were putting crack in the food the way these broads stay eatin’ here — but we know it’s just a great place to meet up with the paparazzis.

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August 19th 11:56am

Gone Too Far? 5 Offensive Black Jokes From David Hasselhoff’s Roast

Comedy Central is known for roasting Hollyweird’s D-list celebrities with irreverent and obscene jokes. And although David Hasselhoff’s roast was no different, slamming everything from homosexuals to the assassination of Kennedy, this year the Black jokes were particularly biting. Here are some of the most notable: Comedian Greg Geraldo: “Yουr liver іѕ ѕο shriveled, black…

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