May 4th 12:09pm

Those Are Fighting Words! Manny Pacquiao Says Floyd Mayweather’s Punk A$$ Is Scared Of A Fight

Pacquiao has been doing the media rounds for his beatdown fight with Shane Mosley coming up, and, of course, Floyd Mayweather always comes up in questioning.

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May 4th 12:02pm

No Sh*t Sherlock! Ciara Is No Longer Hiding The Fact That Amar’e Is Chopping That Thang To Smithereens

SMH… Ci-Error has finally stopped pretending she was just going to those Knicks games to support La La.

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May 4th 11:22am

Why Tavis Smiley Considers Himself To Be A Successful Failure

The popular journalist and media mogul discusses his new book “Fail Up” and his most important life lessons.

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May 4th 10:20am

What The Hell?? Woman Sues Her Ex-Husband For $12M Because He Failed To Sexually Perform While Married

Wow: A woman is suing her ex-husband in Dubai for more than $12 million, claiming he failed to sexually perform during their marriage

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May 4th 10:07am

Congratulations: Raheem DeVaughn Gets The Keys To His City For His Birthday

See kids: putting on for your city in a good way pays off!

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May 4th 10:05am

Alicia Keys And Her Thick Mommy Thighs Performed Live Onstage For A Good Cause

One thing about Alicia Keys is that she’s always been down for doing good in the community.

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May 4th 9:46am

Angela Bassett Talks ‘Jumping The Broom’ In Real Life

In the latest issue of Rolling Out Magazine, Angela Bassett opens up about her relationship with that handsome Courtney B. Vance.

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May 4th 9:40am

Stashin: Osama bin Laden Had Cash And Phone Numbers Sewn In His Clothes When He Was Murked

Looks like someone was preparing to get his flee on before his wig was split:

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May 4th 9:23am

Name These Vacationing Cakes

This caketastic beauty and her baller boo were spotted frollicking in the Mexican sand and surf last week. And, as always, one of her sisters was there. Can you guess who it was?

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May 4th 9:18am

Red-Head Rapunzel-ed Out Rih Rih Seen Stuntin And Struttin In NYC

Are y’all feelin Rihanna’s long red rapunzelesque wig piece??

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May 4th 9:04am

Star Kids: Celebrities Who Love The Hell Out Their Moms

Mother’s Day is nigh! It’s time to take a moment and give that special lady in your hearts some gifts and show that you love her.

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