June 25th 1:51pm

Guess Which Hip-Hop Star Has Serious Karate Chops?

We all know that hip-hop artists moonlight with other careers, but it’s usually acting, singing… or even stripping for some.

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June 25th 12:50pm

What’s In a Word: 7 Black Celebrities Who Paid Dearly For Speaking Out

Everyone is entitled to an opinion; not everyone can afford it.

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June 25th 12:41pm

In Today’s Racism News: Confederate Flags On Texas License Plates Might Be On The Way

Awe, come off it with this one, will ya? It’s been how many years and they want to bring the confederate flag back for what reason?

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June 25th 12:19pm

Who Looked More Bangin?

Big ups to Jill Scott on her new album and a successful BET Awards weekend event Friday!

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June 25th 11:57am

Missy Elliott Clarifies Graves’ Disease Reports

Missy takes a second to clear up all the chitchatter about her illness.

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June 25th 11:18am

Cee-Lo Green Drops Off Of Rihanna’s “LOUD” Tour

Guess being busy is a great problem to have…

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June 25th 11:03am

Moving In Together: Are You Ready?

Recent data from the University of Denver cites that some 70 percent of American couples will cohabit before marriage.

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June 25th 9:36am

Dr. Conrad Murray Says “F Yo’ Charges”, Vows His Innocence And Refuses To Cop A Plea

Yeah, ok. We’re sure your tune will change if it looks like you’re about to catch a book!

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June 24th 6:00pm

Study Shows Women With Money Woes Want Girly Men

Pretty boys perceived as more generous? Who knew?

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June 24th 5:16pm

Working Your Nerves: 8 Co-Worker Habits That Make Us Cringe

They say that with family, you can’t live with them, yet you can’t live without them.

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