September 7th 3:33pm

Attention Whores: Superhead Wants You To Believe She Let Weezy Have The Business

Wait… didn’t she officially become a REFORMED ho and retire from the business of screwing rappers and telling the world?

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September 7th 3:11pm

Guess Which Rapper Is Politicking For A New Gig As CEO Of Yahoo!

Can you imagine this chronic-smoking fool in the boardroom?!?

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September 7th 1:45pm

10 Cities Which Have Gained and Lost The Most African-Americans

A lot can happen in a decade and from 2000-2010, events like 9/11, Katrina and the economic recession certainly determined how people lived their lives and where they moved.

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September 7th 1:41pm

For Discussion: Should Restaurants Start Accepting Food Stamps?

In light of the sh*tty economy, restaurants may be making some changes to help their income.

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September 7th 12:57pm

Drugs Are Bad, M’Kay? Weatherman’s Homie Found Dead Naked In A Dog Collar After High And Slizzard Night In The Hot Tub

A 33-year-old Arkansas weatherman named Brett Cummins woke up Tuesday to discover that a man he’d been with the night before was dead beside him in a hot tub, naked and wearing a dog collar.

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September 7th 12:30pm

Certified Links

Elsewhere On The Web…

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September 7th 12:03pm

Dear Bossip: I Think He Won’t Marry Me Because Of His Mother Whom He Still Lives With

  Dear Bossip, I’ve been with my boyfriend for four and a half years and our relationship has not progressed at all. I know that my bad relationship with his mom has something to do with it.

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September 7th 11:49am

Can’t Leave The Curves Alone: The Five Most Popular Hip-Hop Vixens

Hip-Hop Vixens are cute, curvy and apparently irresistible to a number of men in Hollywood.

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September 7th 11:42am

Bawse: Ricky Rozay And His Maybach Music Group Cover This Month’s XXL Magazine

Looks like Rick Ross and his crew are primed for a Hip-Hop takeover.

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