August 4th 1:54pm

Heidi Klum Says She Went To Lamar Odom For Advice On Taming Her Swirly Kids’ Manes

Heidi Klum finally solves the mystery of taming her chil’runs naps… with a little help from Lamar Odom!

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August 4th 1:52pm

5 Reasons Why the GOP Believes That The Poor Really Aren’t Poor

One can argue that the poor in certain areas of East Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Caribbean suffer more than individuals here in the States. But, the fact remains that being poor is relative.

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August 4th 12:19pm

Certified Links

Elsewhere on the web…

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August 4th 12:15pm

Rumor Control: Etta James Is Alive And Well, Haters!

Who the hell thought it was funny to put up fake reports on people dying?

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August 4th 11:36am

Neighborhood Watch: The Evolution of 6 Rappers’ Hoods

We all know that many rappers paint a gritty picture of their old dwellings, but how many of those hoods have stayed true to their descriptions over the years? In other words, which neighborhoods have come up, which ones have gentrified and which ones have stayed the same. From Bankhead to Bed-Stuy, we take a look.

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