September 5th 11:57am

Something New: Rashida Jones Is Letting Jake Gyllenhaal Chop Her Swirly Cakes To Smithereens Now?

New Couple??? Rashida Jones was spotted lunching with Jake “I Chopped Taylor Swifts Youthful Cakes” Gyllenhaal Sunday in Los Angeles.

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September 5th 11:54am

No Beyonce Baby For You: Celebs Whose Baby Shower Invites Might Get Lost In The Mail

Now that Beyonce’s pregnant, we’re sure she’s gearing up to have one of the biggest baby showers Hollywood’s ever seen.

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September 5th 11:51am

That’s A Lot Of “Ridin”: A History Of People That ALLEGEDLY Took Ciara To The Chop Shop

Since Ci-Error hit the scene, she’s been the source of a ton of rumors and scandalous relationships.

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September 5th 11:15am

Twitter Files: To Whom Is Monica Throwing These Subliminal Tweets??

If you were paying attention to Monica’s Twitter feed on Friday, you might have peeped this…

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September 5th 11:00am

Arizona Prisons Make Visitors Pay

Whoever said crime doesn’t pay obviously doesn’t own a prison.

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September 5th 11:00am

10 Insights From A Millionaire

For entertainment entrepreneur Lunden De’Leon, believing in your own vision is key.

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September 5th 10:48am

Love & Relationships: A Few Answers To Some Common Questions About Marriage

It’s coming up on a decade since I said “I do,” and there’s no amount of romance books, movies or soap operas that could have prepared me for what happens after the honeymoon.

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