August 9th 12:31pm

America, The Land Of The Free…For Certain Religions Only??

  All across the nation grounds for potential mosques are being met with opposition. There is a split between those who want to simply practice their religion in a holy place and people who feel mosques are breeding grounds for terrorism.

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August 9th 12:24pm

Waka Flocka’s Mama Goes IN on Vibe, Calls Them ‘Little Azzholes’

Waka Flocka’s mama, Debra Antney, is off the chain! In a recent interview, Waka discussed Nicki Minaj and Gucci firing his mom as their manager. Well, his mama has some choice words for Vibe over the way the story was reported.

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August 9th 11:50am

Lebron James’ Girlfriend Savannah: “I’ve Definitely Not Put A Fire Under His A$$”

Lebron James’ girlfriend and mother of his two sons, Savannah Brinson, was recently profiled by Harper’s Bazaar magazine; the interview revealed a lot about the woman who has been by BronBron’s side for the last 8 years — primarily that she’s not into rocking the boat — even if that means being a baby mama…

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August 9th 11:07am

End Of Days: Study Shows Little Girls Are Reaching Puberty As Early As 7-Years-Old

A recent study shows that little girls are reaching puberty at an extremely young age:

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August 9th 11:01am

Trey Songz Reality Show ‘My Moment’ Flops Like A Dead Fish

It looks like nobody cares about Trey Songz’ moment after all. The R&B singers’ reality show came in last place out of all cable shows on its first day airing.

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August 9th 10:37am

Man Shot 21 Times In Harlem Shoot-Out And Survives!

Move over 50 cent, it looks like someones got you beat. A wild gunfight in Harlem left seven people shot, including two police offers. One victim, took 21 bullets and survived.

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August 9th 10:31am

The Honeymoon Is Over! Alicia “Homewrecker Turned Wife” Keys And Swizzy Leave St. Tropez

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz have packed it up after their idyllic stay in Europe for their wedding and honeymoon. Isn’t she just the face of perfect bliss and contentment? Too bad he looks like he’s checking to see if the funds have been transferred out of her accounts. SMH. Shots of ‘Licia and her…

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August 9th 10:22am

Obama Invites His Boys Over For BBQ And B-Ball At The White House

Y’all knew it was gonna happen. President Obama tossed some shrimp on the bar-be and invited his boys over for a special game of hoops at the White House.

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August 9th 10:12am

For The Stans: Beyonce’s New Dereon Ad

Looks like House of Deredookie has attempted to change its steez after Solange tore them a new asshole…. Here is BeyBey’s new ‘edgy and stylish’ Dereon ad. You likey???

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August 9th 9:49am

Katy Perry Put Ex Travis McCoy On Blast: Says Pills & Rocks Ruined Him…Calls Him “A Joke”

Katy Perry says that ex-boyfriend Travis McCoy’s sex-drive was non-existent because he was a chronic pill-popper:

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August 9th 9:39am

Remember Us????

Alexander O’Neal and Cherrelle used to go hard back in the day with their R&B collabos. Here they are performing in Detroit this weekend at the Ribs n Soul Fest. (SMH at the Ribs n Soul fest)

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August 9th 9:15am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Unemployed Chiropractor Slashes Girlfriend, Toddler Son And Daughter Before Turning Knife On Himself

This is sad… A deranged, out-of-work chiropractor stabbed his live-in girlfriend and their two toddlers in their necks last night before fatally slashing his own throat, cops said.

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August 9th 9:03am

Blood Diamond Naomi Gives False Testimony????

SMH: It’s about to get very ugly for beautiful Naomi Campbell. The cantankerous catwalker, who insisted under oath last week that she did know who sent her “dirty-looking pebbles” that turned out to be infamous blood diamonds

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August 8th 12:44pm

Are You Feelin This Get Up???

SMH: She dresses to shock so often that Lady Gaga’s outrageous outfits are almost becoming boring. But the singer outdid herself last night – wearing nothing more than shorts and T-shirt made of fishnet stockings.

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August 8th 12:28pm

Nicki Minaj Says She Wants To Be In A Group With Lauryn Hill, Snooki From The Jersey Shore

Nicki Minaj is continuing to prep for the November release of her Pink Friday album and speaking out in interviews on dream collaborations. The Young Money Barbie sat down for an interview with Billboard to take questions from her loyal fans and to speak on her VMA nomination for “Best New Artist.” Read More At…

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