August 23rd 7:49pm

We Broke It Here First: Faith Evans Gives Details On DUI Arrest In Bossip Exclusive Interview!!!

Saturday night,8/21, Faith Evans was arrested in Venice Beach near Marina Del Rey for a DUI. Quite a shock Faith Evans would be arrested for a DUI night before video shoot “Gone Already” and exclusive interview with Bossip but… it happened and she decided to set the record straight with…

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August 23rd 6:41pm

Some Afternoon Cakes

If tattoos and piercings are your thing, you’ll probably dig Miss Paris. Keep reading for a better look

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August 23rd 6:22pm

Which One Would You Wife? 135th Street Cookout Edition

Entertainment industry veterans Amanda Diva, Jacque Reid and Free were among the folks who came out to support the 135th Street Agency cookout in Harlem that was held in honor of the 5th anniversary of the company, owned and operated by two black women, Shante Bacon and Saptosa Foster.

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August 23rd 5:38pm

Weekly Wardrobe: What To Wear This Week

Through ‘Weekly Wardrobe,’ we’ll give you some great ideas about what colors and pieces to wear for the week, hopefully making your life a whole lot easier…

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August 23rd 5:28pm

Incestuous Matrimony-dom: Cousins Chopping Down And Marrying Cousins Leads To Increase In Genetic Disorders In The UK

SMH… Somehow inbreeding has gotten to be a big problem over in England where marriages among cousins has grown so much that the country is trying to raise awareness about the danger such unions pose to children born of such unions. Cousin marriages are on the rise in the U.K., putting children at ten times…

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August 23rd 4:49pm

The Top Ten Wives And Girlfriends In Hip-Hop

Jeffrey “Ja Rule” Atkins muttered the infamous line “Every Thug Needs A Lady” in his 2001 hit song “Down A** B*tch” and we couldn’t agree more.

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August 23rd 4:19pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Christian Rapper Bizzle Confronts Jay-Z, Rick Ross & Kanye West On Being Free Masons And Part Of The Illuminati [Video] (GO) Drake “What If I Kissed You” (GO) Review: Black Enterprise’s New iPad App (GO) Diddy Denies Ripping Off Former Artists (GO) Kiefer Sutherland Seems Fun (GO) Tiger Woods Divorce Finalized, Ex-Wife Elin Nordegren Walks…

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August 23rd 3:44pm

What Is Wrong With This Rainbow??

What’s Wrong With This Pyramid?

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August 23rd 2:25pm

Woman Literally Carries A Torch For Ex-Lover, Sets His Porch And Whole Neighborhood Ablaze

Meet Monique “Burn The Block Down” Riley… She has a history of destroying other people’s property, getting in fights with her ex-boyfriend’s relatives and beating up the competition, but nothing quite compares to her latest alleged crime — setting the WHOLE DAMN HOOD ON FIRE.

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August 23rd 1:30pm

Chinese Traffic Jam Continues For Nine Freaking Days!!!

Los Angeles drivers can no longer complain about the worst traffic being on the 405 anymore. Chinese drivers have been sitting in their cars for DAYS now and with construction delays expected for the next month who knows how much worse it’s gonna get! A traffic jam stretching more than 60 miles in China has…

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August 23rd 12:57pm

Soulja Boy Reacts To Making Forbes Millionaire’s List, Talks Movies

Soulja Boy shared his reaction about being listed as number 18 on the Forbes Cash Kings list.

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August 23rd 12:49pm

Kimora Quits Baby Phat… No Phat Fashions For Mrs. Fabulosity This Fall

Kimora Lee Simmons Hounsou has announced plans to part ways with Kellwood Company, the parent property for Baby Phat and Phat Fashions, effective September 1st.

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August 23rd 12:02pm

Fantasia Talks About Affair And Suicide Attempt “I Wanted To Go To Sleep And Just Be At Peace”

Fantasia is on the road to recovering from her recent suicide attempt and is already talking to the media about what drove her to swallow the bottle of pills. And yes, she spills the beans on her relationship with Antwaun Cook too!

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August 23rd 10:10am

These Mexican Druglords Go Hard: 4 Decapitated Bodies Hung From Bridge By Their Feet With A Message

The decapitated bodies of four men were hung from a bridge Sunday in this central Mexican city besieged by fighting between two drug lords.

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August 23rd 9:19am

Who Is My Daddy?

This little handsome guy is the son of two Hollyweird parents who are both on TV, but his dad has been considered one of the best looking chocolate brothers to light up the big screen as well. Can you guess who his Daddy is??? Keep reading to find out the answer!

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