September 27th 5:42pm

Love & Hip-Hop Pt. 2: Our Favorite Dysfunctional Hip-Hop Couples Over The Years

Last week when we were counting down the list of Hip-Hop relationships we’ve loved over the years, we came up with more than a handful of couples that probably should have never been together.

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September 27th 5:26pm

A Swirly Platonic Foursome: Gwyneth Paltrow Celebrates Birthday With Hubby And The Knowles-Carters

Awww, how nice. Couple BFFs Hovvy Hov, BeyBey, Gwyn Gwyn, and Chris Chris shared good times for Gwyneth’s 39th birthday:

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September 27th 5:18pm

Happy Birthday Lil Wayne: 10 Of Wayne’s Best “Gifted” Guest Verses

Weezy is turning another year older but he is still in the prime of his career recently selling over a million copies of his latest album in one week.

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September 27th 4:34pm

What The Hell??? Prosecutors Use MJ Death Photo In Opening Statements For Dr. Conrad Murray Trial

The prosecution sent a powerful message to the jury hearing Dr. Conrad Murray’s manslaughter case in the death of the King of Pop.

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September 27th 3:59pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

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September 27th 3:41pm

Exonerated After Execution: 12 Men (And One Woman) Found Innocent After Being Put to Death

We may never know how many prisoners, besides Troy Davis (possibly),died in error. Here are just a few who we know for sure were likely innocent — but this was discovered too late.

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September 27th 3:12pm

A Lil’ Preemptive Damage Control: Kimmy Cakes Explains The Pics Of Her Without Her Wedding Band On That We Haven’t Seen Yet

Oh no, you guys. We think Kim may have figured out that the majority of the public (who cares about such things) is giving her marriage to Frankenberry the side-eye.

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