April 20th 5:49pm

Random Ridiculousness: Game Gets Detained In Canada On His Way To Perform Because Of A Janky Promoter

That wedding Game is planning just got delayed by at least 14 more days.

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April 20th 5:00pm

Don’t Get Caught Slipping: Sexting The Proper Way

Sexting. When this phenomenon first stepped on the scene, it was for the teeny boppers.

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April 20th 4:51pm

Lawsuits: Danroy Henry Parents Sue The Pace-Football-Player-Killing Pigs

It’s time to for killer cop Aaron Hess to pay up.

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April 20th 4:36pm

Big Dumb A** Chains: A History Of T-Pain’s Most Ridiculous Neckwear

T Pain is notorious for rocking some of the most outrageous chains in Hip-Hop from remakes of the Kool-Aid man to an array of bottles of alcohol.

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April 20th 4:15pm

Hoy In Mi Gente News: Demi Lovato Is Also Bulimic And Bi-Polar

And again, by no means do we mean to downplay mental health or eating disorders…

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April 20th 3:26pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Colt 45 Defends Snoop Dogg’s Blast Endorsement (GO) CONFIRMED: Lindsay™ Won’t Be in The ‘Gotti’ Movie (GO) Woman Arrested For Masturbating While Driving Sent To Jail (GO) Khloe Kardashian Lands “Law & Order” Cameo (GO) Kia’s ‘Hip-Hop Hamsters’ Win ‘Automotive Ad Of The Year’ [Video] (GO) The 50 Best Video Game References In Rap (GO)…

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April 20th 3:07pm

Some Throwback Preciousness: Kimmy And Khloe Celebrate Their Big Sister Kourtney Through The Years

Say what you will about the Kardashians, but there’s no denying that sisterly bond between Kourtney, Kim and Khloe.

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April 20th 2:17pm

Jesus Take The Wheel! This Sick Broad Is Beyond Trifling…

This broad right here is not only the epitome of a bad mother, she’s also the epitome of a bad friend and once Jesus takes the wheel will likely be on an express train to hell.

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April 20th 1:25pm

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

‘Nevermind’… Says Facebook.

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April 20th 1:01pm

Certified Links

‘Waiting To Exhale’ Sequel To Premiere Next Year (GO) Why Charlie Sheen Didn’t Get Full Custody (GO) Jessica Alba’s Pregnancy Pictures that Represent Bad Decision Making Skills (GO) Where the Good Men Aren’t Hiding (GO) Kanye’s Charity to Help Dropouts Drops Out (GO) Uh Oh! Glee Extra Spoils Prom Episode And Is Fired! (GO) Black…

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April 20th 12:36pm

Break Bread With President Obama For A Small Fee…

What would you pay to sit down for a hearty meal, with America’s #1 man, President Obama?!

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