February 21st 4:12pm

For Discussion: Shouldn’t The Grammy’s Be Reflective Of What’s Popular In Society? Steve Stoute Thinks So…

Yesterday, former music executive Steve Stoute let loose a scathing letter to the Grammy committee chastising their use of today’s most popular artists to sell the award show, without properly crediting them with statues for the categories in which they are nominated.

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February 21st 4:05pm

Diana Ross To Perform And Bring Her Family On Oprah

According to Access Hollywood, Diana Ross is making her first television performance in four years on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

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February 21st 3:26pm

Remember Me?? Tonya Harding Is Pregnant And Too Broke To Pay Rent

Poor thang: Mom-to-be Tonya Harding is nearly broke! The shamed figure skater

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February 21st 2:33pm

WTF??? College Professor Retires After Comparing His Tardy Students To Slaves!

Yes, this ISHT kickin, country son of a ITCHBAY is a college professor.

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February 21st 12:54pm

Pure Comedy: The Bieb In Fear Of His Rabid ‘Crushes’

Poor thing! Just Bieber has trouble controlling his hoes already.

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February 21st 12:35pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: Details On Lara Logan’s Brutal Beating…She Was Stripped, Punched, Slapped, Pinched, & Beaten With Poles

New details have emerged about Lara Logan’s brutal attack in Egypt, including that she was stripped

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February 21st 12:17pm

N.B.K.O.T.B.: EFF A Thug “Death To All D-Boys… Don’t Follow Dudes Promoting Drugs In Rap!” [Video]

Bossip: How old are you? BOULEVARD: 25 Bossip: Where are you from? BOULEVARD: Compton/Village Town Bossip: How was growing up in that area?

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February 21st 12:03pm

Acting White Is The New Black

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

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February 21st 11:49am

Who Owns It??? Did Yeezy Borrow Amber Rose’s Jeggings For Last Night Perfomance???

During halftime of last nights NBA All-Star game in Los Angeles Rihanna brought out Kanye West for a rousing rendition of Ye’s hit “All Of The Lights”.

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February 21st 10:59am

Drake Isn’t The Only One: 10 Black Celebrities You May Not Have Known Were Jewish

A week after Drake crowned himself as the “Best Jew To Ever To Do It,” we decided to take a look at his competition.

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