February 18th 8:38am

SMH: Florida Mother Makes Son Stand On The Corner Holding Up A Sign Saying His Grades Ain’t Sh*t

Would you do this to your child?? - A Florida mother is using public humiliation to punish her son for getting bad grades.

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February 18th 8:28am

Jennifer Hudson: “I Didn’t See Anything Wrong With My Body When I Was Fat”

Hmmm… Jennifer Hudson says weight ain’t nothing but a number!

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February 18th 8:17am

T.I. Would Be A Free Man If It Wasn’t For Hurricane Earl

Just when you thought you had learned everything about Hip-Hop’s other royal couple, T.I. & Ride-Or-Die ‘Meka, we find out new details about their descent into Hood Life infamy.

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February 18th 8:17am

Exclusive Pics: Lance Gross Makes Giving Back Look So Good

Actor Lance Gross took a break from balling during the pre All Star Weekend festivities to visit the Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House

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February 18th 7:10am

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Here is Kim Kardashian in the studio with “The-Dream”. There’s something not quite right about this picture, but we can’t put our finger on it. Perhaps you can help us out. What Is Wrong With This Picture???

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February 18th 7:03am

29-Year-Old Woman Who Beat Her 77-Year-Old Husband To Death With His Own Cane Charged With Murder

This heffa just looks like she ain’t sh*t: A 29-year-old Virginia woman charged with savagely beating her 77-year-old boyfriend

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February 17th 7:36pm

We Better Not EVER Hear Someone Say Prince, Paris And Blanket Are Broke

It’s no secret that the Jackson family doesn’t practice the most effective financial habits.

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February 17th 7:19pm

Why Is This What Dru Hill Looks Like Now???

Dru Hill had a show last week in NYC and this is how they showed up.

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February 17th 6:54pm

Relationship Debate: Is It Ever O.K. To Burp Or Fart In Front Of Your Man???

Q: Dear China, My man and I have been together for a year now, and I understand that relationships must be kept fresh at all times.

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