March 4th 9:46am

Pure Comedy: Snoop Dogg Waxes Poetic On Lady Gaga

Married or not, big Snoop Dogg has apparently put a lot of thought into Lady Gaga’s va-jayjay.

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March 4th 9:08am

Mariah Carey To Donate “Dictator Dollars” She Earned Entertaining Gadhafi

Like BeyBey and Nelly Furtado before her, Mariah Carey has changed her tune about money she earned singing for Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

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March 4th 9:00am

In Racists News: White Supremacist Leader Shot Dead In His Home

SMH: One of America’s most powerful white supremacist leaders has been shot dead in his home,

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March 4th 8:40am

Some Matrimony-dom Swirl: Tamera Mowry Is Taking A Break From Working, Focusing On Wedding

For Tamera Mowry, work will just have to take a backseat to wedding planning.

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March 4th 8:38am

In Sticky Fingered White Folks News: Looks Like Lindsay Lohan Will Serve A Bid In The Bing!

<a href="; target = "_blank" You can only dodge so many bullets, but this broad was like Neo for a minute…

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March 4th 8:33am

Gas Is Too Damn High: Can You Afford $5 Per Gallon?

Imagine spending $80 to fill up your gas tank — and you drive a Civic.

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March 4th 8:26am

Former Swirler Sean Penn Is Soaking Up Scarlett Johansson’s Tender Loins

Sean Penn, whose last girlfriend was model Jessica White, is now getting it in with the lovely and recently divorced, Scarlett Johansson:

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March 4th 7:36am

SMH: “Churchgoing” Electrician Coldcocks Woman Into A Coma Over A Parking Space!!!

Lana Rosas, 25, was holding a parking spot for her boyfriend between two parked cars outside 520 E. 14th St. at 11:40 p.m. last Friday when Oscar Fuller drove up in a silver minivan.

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March 4th 7:08am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Pastor Faces Attempted Murder Charges For Stabbing Up A Female Reverend He Was Allegedly Chopping Down

This story is crazy: A pastor left another pastor lying in a pool of blood after stabbing her in the face and body in what police say was an unprovoked attack.

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March 4th 6:09am

Lil Wayne To Nicki Minaj: “I Don’t Have A Clue What You Are Doing Right Now But…”

Lil Wayne took a minute to speak with MTV News about his Young Money family.

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