April 12th 9:42am

Solange Knowles Brings Her Crotchylicious Boogie Down To The ELLE Women In Music Concert

Solange Knowles showed off her funky two step at last night’s second annual ELLE Women in Music Concert in Hollyweird.

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April 12th 9:39am

For The Stans: Beyonce’s New Album Officially Has A First Single And Video (First Look)

Bey Bey brought the Motherland to L.A. yesterday to start working on the first video for her new album.

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April 12th 9:15am

Another Day, Another Study: Weaves And Braids Are Causes For Hair Loss In Black Women

FYI: Very tight braiding or weaving is linked to a permanent type of hair loss that affects many African American women, new research suggests.

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April 12th 9:14am

WORSER: Authorities Say The Nuclear Situation In Japan Could Break Chernobyl Records

The nuclear emergency in Fukushima, Japan has now reached the highest/worst rating used to measure nuclear meltdowns.

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April 12th 9:08am

Ladies, Which One Would You Hit??: Camel And Leonardo DiCaprio Kick It Together At NYC Nightspot

This is random as hell. Hovi’s collection of friends knows no bounds.

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April 12th 9:03am

Random Ridiculousness: Georgia Pastor Plans To Gather Congregation At A Gas Pump To Pray For Lower Gas Prices

We know gas prices ain’t no joke right now, but are these people serious???

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April 12th 8:52am

Mel B’s Body Is Still Bangin In A Kini….Baby Bump And All

Here is Mel B chillin with her husband Stephen Belafonte and daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown with her bikini swag on swole

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April 12th 8:42am

When The Rap Checks Stop Coming In: Bow Wow Is Working On A Sitcom

We’ve gotta give it to Bow Wow: it takes a big man to admit it’s time to quit the bullsh*t that isn’t paying.

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April 12th 8:39am

Details About Deadly Breakup Emerge — Victim Was Drawn To Abusers, Neighbors Suspected “He Was Going To Kill Her”

More details have emerged surrounding the grisly murder of a beautiful art student hacked to death by her boyfriend when she tried to leave him.

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April 12th 8:28am

D.C. Mayor Released This Morning After Being Arrested Monday For Protesting Outside Of The Capitol

Washington Mayor Vincent Gray was released early Tuesday after being arrested while protesting outside the Capitol, police said.

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April 12th 8:17am

Groupies Get Ready: 10 Eligible NBA Playoff Bachelors

We already talked about the women that are claiming the NBA ballers we’ll be seeing in the Playoffs. But fear not, ladies. There are plenty of men hooping

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April 12th 8:16am

What’s Wrong With This Kim K Kover???

Kimmy Cakes is pretty upset at Cosmo for this cover… Can you figure out why?

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