August 10th 10:12am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Man Beats Up Girlfriend While She’s In Labor!

This is one of the most ridiculous cases of domestic violence we have ever seen. A man was arrested for beating his girlfriend while she lay in a hospital bed, preparing to give birth to their child.

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August 10th 9:53am

Montana Fishburne Has A Few Words For Alicia Keys

Montana Fishbure took to Twitter to voice her opinion on Alicia Key’s ethics. Continue…

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August 10th 9:48am

N.O. Stand Up!! President Obama Welcomes Saints To The White House, Addresses Issues In The Gulf

President Obama welcomed the New Orleans Saints to the White House, to honor their victory in the 2009 Super Bowl and their 2009 season.

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August 10th 9:48am

Kinky Knotty Oh Lawdy — There’s A Fire In Rihanna’s Kitchen!

Grab the blue magic and a hot comb blowtorch STAT! We’ve got an emergency. Oh nevermind. It’s just Rihanna. More shots of her on a date with Matt “Step Your Baseball Game Up” Kemp below:

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August 10th 9:18am

Pure Comedy: Frustrated JetBlue Flight Attendant Cusses Out Passenger On Loud Speaker, “F*ck You, And F*ck This Job!”

Flight Attendant, Fashionista and Former alcoholic, Steven Slater, had just about enough of his job, people and their bullsh*t: A JetBlue flight attendant lost his cool after his plane landed at JFK yesterday, hurled obscenities at passengers over the airliner’s PA system

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August 10th 9:05am

Michigan Serial Killer Believed To Have Also Struck In Virginia, Suspect Is A White Man Who Targets Small-Framed Black Men

SMH… The crazed lunatic white serial killer who has been stabbing up black men in Michigan is believed to have struck in Virginia as well, seriously injuring at least three more victims there.

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August 10th 8:56am

This Is What Rocks Will Do To You…

Maia Campbell was arrested recently, and now her mugshot has hit the net…peep it right about now:

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August 9th 10:39pm

Young Jeezy Fires Shots At Rick Ross On His Own Jawn: “Got Dayyumm Hoe… You Got Them A$$ And T*ttays!!!”

Young Jeezy is playing chess with Rick Ross and he’s about to checkmate that azz!!! He has taken the beat from Rick Ross’ latest jawn “B.M.F.” and it sounds like he is going all the way in on Rick Ross.

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August 9th 9:37pm

Ciara On “Paper”: My Ultimate Goal Is To Be Labeled As An Icon… A Legend!!!

Ciara breaksdown her new album and career goals in the upcoming issue of Paper Magazine. We would say that Ciara is just about as delusional as Cassie when it comes to her music But… There actually might be some light at the end of the tunnel for Ciara: PM: What’s the best and worst part…

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August 9th 8:30pm

White Chocolate Justin Bieber Gets Hit In The Head With Water Bottle By Female Fan

Justin Bieber took the stage in Sacremento, CA and while he was expressing his love for all of his fans, a female out of the crowd chucks a water bottle at his head… SMH!!! Dayyyummm, guess everybody’s not in love with Justin Bieber… Take a Peek:

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August 9th 6:54pm

Atlanta Welcomes Chris Brown To The Club, But Would You Choose Him Over Lance Gross?

Plush Blue Ent. brought Chris Brown to Atlanta’s Echelon 3000 this weekend and it looks like he couldn’t resist showing off a few moves. Roscoe Dash and Lance Gross were also in the building. Speaking of which, ladies, if you had to make a choice between Breezy and Lance — Which One Would You Hit???

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August 9th 6:28pm

Life Is Still “Sweet” For Ne-Yo! Singer Brings His Champagne Campaign To South Beach

Looks like Ne-Yo had a ball with the boys and a few ladies in Miami this weekend.

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August 9th 4:11pm

Some Afternoon Cakes

As we kick off another week, we’ve got our eye on KING Magazine’s latest WebGirl — Dominican-born beauty Scarlet Reyn. Currently living in Miami, Reyn shared her freaky secrets with and we figured we’d share them

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August 9th 3:27pm

Top 10 Questionable Kanye West Moments (Photos Included)

Over the years Kanye has made some questionable decisions in fashion. Since his entrance into the rap game, we have seen him go through a transformation that has went from the Louis Vutton Don to a thin line between straight and questionable.

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August 9th 2:13pm

Bossip Exclusive: We Went To The ATL Premiere of ‘The Confidant’ And It Was _________

The Atlanta premiere of ‘The Confidant’ turned out to be a star studded event. Well, sort of… Every D to Z lister came out to jostle for attention at the Woodruff Arts Center’s red carpet event.

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