July 26th 5:23pm

Acting White…But What About Acting Too Black?

There are some black folks in the world who really hate what they see in the mirror. I think the first instance I realized that some black folks have a general self-loathing was around the time when my supervisor, a pretty, brown-skinned professional black woman, was overly concerned with pronunciation.

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July 26th 5:18pm

The Music Won’t Sell Itself: Kelly Gets Nekked For New Vibe, Talks Beefing With Mathew Knowles, Being A Freak And European Love

Far be it for the forces behind Kelly to risk letting “Here I Am” move units without a scandal.

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July 26th 4:03pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web…

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July 26th 3:03pm

North Carolina Swirl Couple Murk And Dismember Mother Of His Sons, Then Dump The Pieces In Texas To Start Their Own Perfect Family

These people deserve to die a slow painful death, although we can’t imagine anything worse than what they already did to his babymama.

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July 26th 2:00pm

Street Lit Debate: Does Urban Fiction Undermine the Black Canon?

“Representing the race” remains a prickly issue in black literature.

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July 26th 1:17pm

Sit Down, Somewhere! Adrianne Curry Tries To Ho It Up At Comic-Con And Gets Shown The Door!

How much of an attention whore do you have to be to get kicked out of a place where everyone dresses up like a super-hero?

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