July 27th 9:49pm

Kanye West Gets Suited & Booted And Performs At Facebook HQ… Smells Like Something Big Is About To Happen!!!

Kanye West doesn’t really put on his dancing shoes for anybody… it has to be the right price. Since he can’t walk up into MTV looking for love seems like he has turned to Facebook. Today, Yeezy performed four songs for Facebook employees…

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July 27th 8:00pm

UPDATE: Terrell Owens Gets To Play For The Cincinnati Bengals With His Boyfriend Chad OchoCinco For $2 Million

UpDate: Terrell Owens is no longer homeless and has signed with the Cincinnati Bengals!!! He will get to play along with Chad OchoCinco Johnson for the biggest pay cut ever… $2 Million for one year contract. This is a huge drop from his $6.5 million that he received last year with Buffalo. These two are…

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July 27th 7:30pm

Shady Members Of New Orleans One-Time Arraigned For Killing Unarmed Victims Of Hurricane Katrina

It looks like two unarmed civilians killed following Hurricane Katrina may finally receive some justice. Three men will be arraigned today for the killing of two unarmed civilians on a New Orleans bridge and the alleged cover-up that followed. According to the The Associated Press, the shootings occurred on Sept. 4, 2005, just six days…

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July 27th 6:36pm

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Damon Dash’s Tribeca Loft Lands On The Auction Block

Poor thang! Damon Dash’s Tribeca Loft is going into foreclosure auction tomorrow.

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July 27th 4:38pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

The Baby Mama Issue Revisited (GO) Coco Tweeted Her Bare A$s (GO) Blacks More Optimistic About Economy and Stocks as ‘Best Investment’ (GO) DMX Issues Final Statement Before Turning Himself In (GO) LeAnn Rimes And Eddie Cibrian Announce Plans To Move In Together (GO) Shyne Ft. Bob Marley & The Notorious B.I.G. – Belize (GO)…

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July 27th 3:22pm

Who’s My NFL Daddy???

This little dude is spending some quality time with his daddy before NFL training camp is back in full effect. There was some controversy over this little dude right when he came into this world kickin’ and screamin’, like $70K a month for child support type of controversy. Who’s My Daddy???

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July 27th 3:03pm

11 Sharp Black Commentators You Should Be Following

Traditionally, when the media wanted African-American commentary on the news topic of the day, there were the predictable go-to-guys: Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or Reverend [insert name here], to name a few. However, in the midst of a digital revolution and in the age of Obama, a new generation of African-American scholars has emerged. While…

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July 27th 2:57pm

Rihanna On Collabing With Eminem: “I Knew The Song Was Deep But I Also Knew It Was A Hit… Why Not Be On A Hit?!??”

Rihanna sums up why Eminem hit her up to be apart of his jawn “Love The Way You Lie.” If you listen to the lyrics then you definitely know why but just in case you missed it, Rihanna breaks it down for you.

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July 27th 1:51pm

200 Million Gallons Later, Clean Up Crews Can’t Find Any Oil

Is this a “crude” joke? The government and BP rallied a small army of people to clean up the oil spill in the Gulf, and when they got there… Surprise! No oil. Pop it to hear their strange explanation.

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July 27th 1:45pm

Al Jarreau In Critical Condition, Hopitalized In France

Grammy award winning singer Al Jarreau has been admitted to an intensive care unit in France. The 70-year-old musician fell ill while preparing for performances in Germany. Details below

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July 27th 1:39pm

M.I.A’s Common Sense is M.I.A, Spits On Photographers and Flashes Her Snatch

M.I.A is losing her mind, a little at a time. She’s been throwing tantrums at concerts, hock spittin’ on photographers and flashin’ her foreign snatch for the cameras. Is this any way for a new mommy to behave? Pop it for more pics of her antics.

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July 27th 12:34pm

Natalie Nunn Disses Kat Stacks Again, Warns Her To Stay Out Of L.A.

Reality TV star Natalie Nunn is back to sending shots at Internet groupie Kat Stacks. As previously reported the two have been at a war of words, with the reality TV star telling Kat to “be a good mother” and Stacks threatening to see her in the streets. Now Nunn’s back with more advice for…

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July 27th 11:54am

Guess Who Is Swirling It Up In Miami?

This chocolate beauty was spotted getting friendly with a melanin-challenged gentleman… Can you guess who she is?

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July 27th 11:19am

Wyclef Is Thinking About Running For President Of Haiti

Wyclef Jean is considering a run for president of Haiti

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July 27th 11:08am

F*ck A Thug: Maurice Clarett, Former Football Star, Headed Back To School After Serving 3 Years In Prison

Maurice Clarett says “F*ck a Thug,” I’m taking my a$s back to school: Ohio State University says former football star Maurice Clarett is back in school to pursue his degree after spending more than three years in prison.

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