July 14th 11:49am

Dear Bossip: My Girlfriend Can’t Accept My Brother’s Sexuality

Dear Bossip, I don’t see too many men write to you, so hopefully I might be the start of something new. But, anyways, I’m kind of in an odd situation between my brother and my girlfriend.

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July 14th 11:31am

How To Handle Multiple Dating Partners

Many people who have been in relationships can agree that they are complex.

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July 14th 11:29am

True ‘Bang’ers: Celebrities Who Look Best With Bangs

Many people wear bangs for many different reasons.

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July 14th 11:00am

8 Political Myths About Blacks That You Shouldn’t Believe

Folks on both sides of the aisle get things wrong.

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July 14th 10:44am

Caption This: Romeo Has A Private Moment On The Streets Of L.A.

Here’s not-so-Lil Romeo having a moment as he left the Cheesecake Factory

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July 14th 10:08am

In White Folks With Black Babies News: The Brangelina Wedding Talk Heats Up Again

At this point, we all know that a Brad and Angelina wedding would just be for show. They have 6 kids: ain’t nobody going nowhere.

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July 14th 9:55am

Epitome Of A Bad Father: Three-Year-Old Fatally Shoots Herself While Dad Left Her Home Alone To Go See Girlfriend

This is so sad: St. Louis police said three-year-old Lilianna Moore was home alone when she accidentally shot herself in the head.

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July 14th 9:49am

Making It Rain On Them Haters: Low Sales Or Not, Bey Bey’s “4” Is Number One On The Charts For A Second Week In A Row

Say what you will about Beyonce‘s latest “effort,” but you can’t knock the timing of the release.

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July 14th 9:41am

Does Tyrese And Rev Run’s “Manology” Book Promote Baby Mama Bashing?

Tyrese is putting his “prolific literary mind” to work by collaborating with Rev. Run on a new book called “Manology”

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July 14th 9:11am

Rumor Control: Breezy Says The Report Of His Gay Slurs Rant Is False And Proves It

We kinda chuckled when Chris Brown took his “woe is me’s” to Twitter and started crying a river about media outlets making stuff up about him.

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July 14th 8:51am

For Discussion: Should Obese Children Be Taken Away From Their Parents???

Harvard University child obesity expert Dr. David Ludwig thinks so…

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