July 25th 9:27am

Jesus Take The Wheel: More Details Surface In The Torched Family Murder-Suicide

More details emerge as family members speak out on the story of an entire family who were allegedly murdered in their home that was afterwards set on fire by the eldest son, who had also slit his own throat: The handwriting on the “am sorry” note found in the charred remains of a Staten Island…

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July 25th 8:39am

Marijuana Minister Arrested & Deemed “Too Dangerous” For Bail

A Hawaii-based marijuana minister is under federal indictment and is claimed to be too dangerous for bail. Roger Christie, a minister who has for years been preaching the good news and wonders of marijuana, is now under federal indictment…Continue

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July 24th 5:48pm

Monica’s Fans Have Spoken… Was It Rapper Maino Or L.A. Lakers Shannon Brown?!?!

Monica allowed her fans to decided who she would end up with in her latest video “Love All Over Me”: Rapper Maino or L.A. Lakers Shannon Brown… Pop the Top for the Viewer’s Choice

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July 24th 5:27pm

Dawn Richards Is In “KONTROL”

Dawn Richards is in the upcoming issue of “Kontrol” magazine. Now-a-days, it seems a little odd when Dawn is in photos by herself especially when her cheerleading partner Kaleena is not posing next to her but of course, Dawn seemed to hold it down in this photo spread all alone… Pop the Top for More…

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July 24th 5:19pm

Nas Talks Kelis And The Future Of His Family

Kelis may have decided to remain tight lipped about her divorce from Queens bred emcee Nas but the rapper s has decided to dish on his divorce as well as talk about how his life has changed since their separation. His take on things when you … Continue

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July 24th 5:06pm

Wale Might Want To Watch Out!!!: New Black Kid On The Block STS Dedicates New Jawn To Solange

Back in June we introduced you to new artist by the name of “STS“. He’s back with a new jawn, dedicated to Solange and it sounds like he may be trying to take Wale’s girl… Take a Listen:

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July 24th 4:30pm

Is A Good Woman Hard To Find?

According to some men, finding a good woman isn’t as easy as we would like to believe. We often hear complaints, from our girlfriends or even ourselves, about the lack of quality men in the choosing pool. Well, news flash ladies, some men have the same argument. Just because you’re educated, self-sufficient, and consider yourself…

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July 24th 4:28pm

Mekhi Phifer Was All Up In __________ Grill Last Night In Las Vegas?!??

Mekhi Phifer is known to keep a low profile but last night one of our Bossip spies saw him all up in another celebrities grill and says the two left the club together. They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… That’s a Lie!!!

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July 24th 4:14pm

What The Hell??: Hoodrat Popped For Sexually Molesting… 3 Year Old Boy!!

The demented come in all shapes and colors. This one here sounds unbelievable and hard to fathom. A babysitter arrested for sexually molesting a 2-yr old?  Continue…

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July 24th 3:01pm

T.I. And Tiny Are Finally Getting Married In Miami

Clifford “TI” Harris and Tameka “Tiny” Cottle are finally about to exchange vows. According to V-103, they are said to wed this weekend but others claim it’s July 31st. Regardless of the date, we’re happy that these two are making it official. Just make sure Hoopz isn’t sitting with the family… Pop the Top for…

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July 24th 1:42pm

SMH: Diddy Gives Little White Chocolate Justin Bieber A Lamborghini

Justin Bieber was hanging out with Diddy last year and apparently Diddy made a promise to Justin and kept it. Justin was seen riding around L.A. with Sean Kingston in a white Lamborghini. Was Sean Kingston cleared of those sexual assault charges yet?!?? Who in the world keeps allowing Diddy to mentor these kids???

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July 24th 1:19pm

Some Saturday Swirl

John Salley was spotted strolling the streets of Los Angeles with his lady friend. Isn’t she lovely? Pop the hood for more

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July 24th 1:02pm

Quote Of The Day: Irv Gotti Says ‘Nicki Minaj Is As Talented As Lauryn Hill’

Irv Gotti said a mouthful recently when he compared Nicki Minaj to Lauryn Hill in an interview with VIBE Magazine. Pop the hood for the full quote

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July 24th 11:54am

7 Habits Of Highly Disgusting Parents

It starts with all that prodding and poking throughout pregnancy. That’s when you say goodbye to your inhibitions. But it’s impossible to imagine, until you cross your own personal pain and shame threshold (aka labour and delivery), just how low you’ll stoop. Unless you’re rich enough to hire your kids out to the nanny 24-7,…

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July 24th 11:44am

Who Looked More Bangin?

Bangin’ model turned actress Claudia Jordan was spotted earlier this week heading to Drai’s in West Hollywood while fellow “mactress” KD Aubert was snapped at LAX heading out of town. Both ladies are fine but if you had to choose Who Looked More Bangin’?

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