May 19th 6:53pm

Rick Ross, DJ Drama And Lil Duval Show Out In Support Of BMI’s Unsigned Artist Showcase

DJ Drama hosted the BMI 14th Annual Unsigned Urban Showcase along with Lil Duval Wednesday night in Atlanta where Surf Club producer and rapper Chase N. Cashe proved he was a winner.

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May 19th 5:54pm

How To Be Assertive At Work Without Getting Called Out Your Name

Do you feel the walls caving in on you at work because you refuse to say no?

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May 19th 5:53pm

Writer Responds To ‘Psychology Today Bullshizz': Black Women Ugly? Says Who?

Screw that shady Satoshi Kanazawa character! We like LZ Granderson’s thoughts on black women waaaaaaaay better!

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May 19th 5:11pm

Dirty Dad Diaries: People Not Named “Sperminator” That (Allegedly) Had Secret Love Children

Having illegitimate children is pretty commonplace for celebrities…and why wouldn’t it be?

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May 19th 5:04pm

Quote Of The Day: Penelope Cruz ‘I Like To Rap’

We don’t know whether to be impressed or laugh out loud…

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May 19th 4:13pm

Jay-Z Performs At New York’s Roseland Ballroom, Pharrell, Swizz Beatz, Fabolous Attend [Photos]

Jay-Z took to New York’s Roseland Ballroom Wednesday where he performed for Adult Swim’s “upfront soiree.”

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May 19th 3:35pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web

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May 19th 2:22pm

Bolitics: President Obama To Speak Tonight About The Affairs Of The Middle East

Tonight we encourage you all to tune in to The Presidents speech, it should be VERY interesting.

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May 19th 2:21pm

Keep Your Woman Busy! Study Shows That Men Relax More When Their Wives Are Busy Doing Household Sh*t

Men, if you keep your women busy, then you will have a more relaxing life.

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