June 8th 10:27am

Crotchy-Liciousness: Rihanna’s Lil Cakes And Crotch On Blast In Skimpy Fit

Rihanna had the crotch of hers on blast (as usual) last night in Toronto where she performed live for her “Loud” tour.

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June 8th 9:52am

As Seen On TV: Guess What Hit TV Show First Lady Michelle Obama Will Be Making A Guest Appearance On??

Good ol’ Chelly O’ is coming to the small screen to bring a message to your kids.

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June 8th 9:51am

Jet Beauty Of The Week Garcelle Beauvais Says Her Dirty Dog Ex-Hubby Can’t Keep Her From Her Future Happy

Since putting her ex-husband on full blast last year for being the dirty dog that he is, Garcelle Beauvais hasn’t spoken publicly about her failed swirl-y matrimony-dom.

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June 8th 9:42am

That Was A Low Blow! LeBron-Hater Skip Bayless Sends Some Subliminal Twitter Shots About Delonte West Bangin’ LBJ’s Mom!

Everybody has been wondering what the hell happened to LeBron last night as The “King” basically disappeared, only scoring eight points the whole game!

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June 8th 9:32am

Baby Mama Drama: Chris Bosh Begs Judge To Allow His Seed To Attend The NBA Finals

Poor cry baby Boshy-poo: Miami Heat superstar Chris Bosh desperately wants his 2-year-old daughter to watch him play in the NBA Finals

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June 8th 9:28am

What Disgusting News Do Taye Diggs, Chris Rock And L.A. Reid Have In Common?

This isht is so nasty it makes our skin crawl just thinking about it.

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June 8th 9:15am

Sh*t Could Be Real In Your Bedroom: Twenty Percent Of People With HIV Don’t Know They’re Living With That Ninja

We would want to believe that thirty years into the AIDS epidemic, people are not still out here doing the grown up without protection and not knowing their HIV status.

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June 8th 9:04am

This Guy Has A Lot Of Nerve: Donald Trump Calls Anthony Weiner A “Bad Guy, A Liar, And A Psycho”

Donald Trump needs to sit his ole toupee wearing a$$ down somewhere! Donald Trump chimed in on the Anthony Weiner scandal today

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June 8th 8:59am

What The Hell?!?! Police Search For 2 Florida Women Who Stole 75 Deodorants From A Grocery Store!

Robbery may be strong enough for a man, but its Ph balanced for a couple of women…

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June 8th 8:57am

Watch Your A**: Ja Rule Kicks Off Two Year Prison Bid Today

As of this morning, Ja Rule will become a two-year guest of the New York State Department of Correctional Services.

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June 8th 8:48am

For The Stans: Beyonce Gets Her Cowgirl Swag On For Essence Magazine

Your girl BeyBey is featured in the July issue of Essence Magazine getting her “Eat, Play, and Love” on. Peep the shots…

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