February 8th 1:05pm

You’re Cut Off: Celebrities With The Craziest Haircuts

Celebrities are known to re-invent themselves or make a dramatic changes throughout their careers for various reasons.

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February 8th 12:43pm

Certified Links

Waka Flocka To Become New Face Of Peta (GO) Conrad Murray Trial To Be Televised (GO) Katy Perry Ridiculous Tits and Upskirt of the Day (GO) AllHipHop’s Chuck Creekmur on Staying ahead of the Curve (GO) Drake Pushes Back R&B Mixtape (GO) ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Says Gary Harassed Her With 24 Phone Calls in 5…

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February 8th 12:25pm

Tom Cruise Is An Overseer In The Chuch Of Scientology’s Modern Day Plantation

D**n homie, $50/week?! That’s what a millionaire movie star pays for labor these days?

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February 8th 11:48am

We Taking Over: White Folks Are Becoming Less Of A Majority

Rush Limbaugh’s greatest fear is a lot closer to coming true than even he probably ever imagined.

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February 8th 11:40am

A “Lil REAL Positivity” Wake Forest Coach Steps In To “Assist” His Player With A Kidney Transplant

Wow, how many coaches in the NCAA you think would do this for one of THEIR players?

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February 8th 11:21am

The Black History of the White House

The White House has an indelible history of black service by slaves, servants, cooks, butlers,  ushers and secret service agents. In the scheme of world events, their stories may be trivial, but their presence through the ages makes it clear that the palest thing about the White House is its paint job.

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February 8th 11:08am

Put On Blast: Steve Harvey’s Attorneys Prove Mary Harvey Is A Bold Face Liar

A Texas judge temporarily lifted the gag order on Steve and Mary Harvey‘s 2005 divorce today to give Steve and his attorneys a chance to shut down Mary’s slander once and for all.

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February 8th 10:57am

Cracking The Whip: Why Your Discipline Doesn’t Work

“Spare the rod, spoil the child,” is the proverb that most parents turn to when justifying a form of discipline that is most likely heavily influenced by memories of their own upbringing.

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February 8th 10:44am

Hill Harper Is STILL Hittin This???

Apparently Hill Harper is still chopping down video vixen/model Dollicia Bryan’s

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February 8th 9:47am

Guilty As Charged: Nut Job And Founder Of Islamic TV Found Guilty For Beheading His Wife

Remember this sick son-of-a-b*tch??? After an hour of deliberations, a Buffalo, N.Y. jury returned a guilty verdict against Muzzammil “Mo” Hassan for second-degree murder Monday in the beheading of his wife Aasiya.

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February 8th 9:42am

Trey Songz And Everyone Involved With “Bottoms Up” Need $18 Million

Another day, another lawsuit centering around a mega hit single.

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February 8th 9:32am

Cleveland Cavaliers Suck Monkey Balls Without Bron Bron, Set Record With 25 Game Losing Streak

Ouch! Lebron did say karma was a “B”…. The Cleveland Cavaliers lost their way into the NBA record book in fitting fashion

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February 8th 9:22am

Is It Just Us… Or Is E-V-E Looking A Little Off These Days??

Eve was spotted at the after party for the Cinema Society’s Screening Of “Vanishing On 7th Street” with Uncle BDR last night.

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