July 5th 6:17pm

Black Child Actors That Are Succeeding…And Struggling

Being a child actor in Hollywood is no joke.

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July 5th 6:08pm

The Side-Eye: Tobacco Executives Are Trying To Convince Us That His Cancerous Devil Leaves Have “Benefits”

These slimeball, d-bags are always trying to convince people that somehow tobacco is “ok”…

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July 5th 6:05pm

The Bossip BoomBox

New Music by Common & Nas, The Knux, Teedra Moses, Sean Paul and The Cool Kids

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July 5th 5:26pm

Unfair Characterizations of Lil’ Wayne & BET?

For every Lil’ Wayne video aired, BET also delivers some pretty decent, albeit not perfect, programming, so must we compare BET to the KKK and Lil Wayne to the Grand Wizard?

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July 5th 5:26pm

The Swirl: SMH At These Folks Acting Astonished That Chinese Men Are Now Wifing Up African Women!

Asian women getting chop down action or even getting wifed up by brothers is nothing new, but some folks are acting brand new about the so-called phenomenon of Chinese men marrying African women.

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July 5th 5:25pm

Nicky “Corndog” Cannon Goofing It Up At The Annual Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest (Photos)

Nick Cannon took a break from MiMi and #DemBabies to host a hot dog eating contest this 4th of July…

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July 5th 5:06pm

Beesh Please! Michele Bachmann Says Obama ‘Should Be Afraid Of Toothless Hillbilly’ Tea Baggers

The Palin replacement, Michele Bachmann, is just ratchet. Her and those Republicans will incite hate and promote racial tension to win the 2012 election.

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July 5th 5:04pm

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Jermaine Dupri Is Using His Janet Jackson Memories To Sell His Bentley

Here is Jermaine Dupri sitting in his nifty little So So Def custom Bentley.

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July 5th 4:31pm

Who Shot Ya? Former Nation Of Islam Member Says He Knows Who Killed Notorious B.I.G.

A man is now claiming that he knows who is responsible for the shooting/murder of the Notorious B.I.G. in Los Angeles 14 years ago:

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July 5th 4:19pm

Double Take: Celebrities Who Look Like One Another

While everyone has a twin somewhere in this world, it’s even weirder to see when celebrities look a like.

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