August 22nd 11:26am

The Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Woman Arrested For Trying To Sell Her 5-Year-Old Son For $2,000

Meet Jessica Beers. Jessica thought it was a good idea to offer her son to some random family for $2K:

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August 22nd 10:47am

Hey Bossip Readers!!! Enter To Win A Bottle Of EMPRESS from Diddy

Diddy has teamed up with Bossip to give away 2 bottles of his new fragrance EMPRESS.

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August 22nd 10:12am

Hoy In Mi Gente Cakes: Paola Garcia

Gentlemen (and some of you ladies) meet Paola Garcia…

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August 22nd 10:02am

A “Lil Positivity”: Dwight Howard Takes His Philanthropy Skills And Checkbook To The Motherland

Would you look at that: while a lot of his colleagues are trying to figure out where to get checks overseas during the NBA lockout, Dwight Howard is out there making it rain.

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August 22nd 9:47am

SMH: Former NFL Player And Teacher Popped For “Doing Sex & Other Nasty Stuff” With Teenage Student

With all the “grown” groupie tail that’s thrown at professional athletes, this guy is chopping down 16-year-olds:

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August 22nd 9:35am

Ego-Trippin': Chris Rock, Cameron Diaz And J.Lo Actin’ Like A Bunch Of Beyotches On The Set Of Their New Film

Beeeyatcha$$ness alert! What is really good with the production of “What To Expect When You’re Expecting?”

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August 22nd 9:13am

Freaky Old White Lady Revelations: Jane Fonda Still Gets In In The Bedroom And Likes To Do It Like A Dude

For the second time since turning 70, elderly banger Jane Fonda has decided to share the details of her old lady sex with the world.

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August 22nd 8:57am

In White Folks News: Rod Stewart’s Daughter Kimberly And Benicio Del Toro Welcome Baby Girl

We’re still SMH’ing at these two having a baby together: Kimberly Stewart gave birth to a baby girl Sunday in L.A.

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August 22nd 8:54am

Congratulations: Diddy’s Firstborn Football Star Adds UCLA To List Of School Scholarship Offers

Diddy has been shelling out big bucks for his kids private school educations but when it comes to college he may not have to pay jack for his football star firstborn Justin Combs

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August 22nd 8:26am

Is It A Wrap For Gadhafi??? Diplomats Say The Dictator’s Reign In Libya Is Finally Over

Top diplomats say Moammar Gadhafi’s regime is now part of Libya’s past

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August 22nd 8:17am

A Lil C-Milli And Friends Beach Bridal Shower ‘Kini Action

C-Milli was spotted flossin’ her lil cakes in a ‘kini this weekend during a beach bridal shower she hosted for her friend Felisa.

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