April 16th 12:49pm

Nicolas Cage Popped By New Orleans Police On Domestic Abuse Charges

Hollyweird star Nic Cage caught just caught a charge for domestic abuse!

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April 16th 11:49am

Some Saturday Morning Cakes

Tatianna Jaye has the goodies that made Twista, Trey Songz and even Lil Kim come calling.

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April 16th 11:28am

True Or False: Teyana Taylor Is Writing Songs For Willow Smith

Teyana Taylor doesn’t want folks to believe she beat a beeitch down over Breezy, but she has no problem letting the world know what she was doing at the studio last weekend.

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April 16th 11:00am

White Women Do It Too: 8 Things Black Women Can’t Get Away With

It seems like every week there is a new study about black women ranking number one in something perceived negatively—abortions, births out of wedlock, multiple baby fathers.

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April 16th 10:53am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Child-Molesting Former Bishop Describes Sexual Abuse As “A Little Game”

This sick fawk thinks fondling little boys — his own nephews at that– is some kind of game!

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April 16th 10:42am

You Can’t Be Serious…Florida Is Ready To Pass An Anti-Sagging Law

Really? A bill?? We don’t want to see men’s underwear either but the government is going to tell people how to dress now???

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April 16th 10:21am

What The Hell??? British Couple Finds A Jelly Bean That Looks Like Kate Middleton, Hopes To Sell On EBay

The obsession with this wedding has finally gone over-the-top.com *Tamar Braxton voice*

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April 16th 9:57am

Kimmy Cakes Shows Us Her Spanx…

Kimmy Cakes accidentally revealed her secret weapon while exiting a Manhattan television studio yesterday.

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April 15th 5:39pm

Congratulations: BET Orders 22 New Episodes Of “The Game”

No matter how disappointed you may have been with season four of “The Game,” you watched it religiously.

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April 15th 5:18pm

Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Woman Who Witheld Cancer Meds From Her Son Sentenced To 8-10 Years In Prison!!

This is definitely a sad story, but it kinda makes you angry at the same time.

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