May 13th 11:52am

A Lil Positivity: HIV Drug Makes Transmission Virtually Impossible

Finally, some good news in the fight against the spread of HIV.

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May 13th 11:22am

8 of the Best Black Names in the Wedding Industry

From the dress to the cake these ladies and gent have it covered.

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May 13th 11:09am

Everyone Nose: Celebrities With Obvious Nose Jobs

While there is always speculation of the plastic surgery that celebrities receive, some seem to be a lot more obvious than others.

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May 13th 11:03am

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

SMH. Precious-ness for reals. At six-years-old and over 200lbs this just might be the world’s fattest kid.

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May 13th 10:47am

Race Matters: Black Women Are More Likely To Be Screened For STDs In Emergency Rooms

According to new research Black women are being tested more for sexually transmitted diseases than women of other races:

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May 13th 10:39am

Elevating From Bust Down Status

We exist in a society that promotes the idea of learning oneself before jumping into a relationship/marriage.

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May 13th 9:55am

Seen On The Scene: Inside Samsung & AT&T’s Launch Event Featuring Nicki Minaj (30+ Photos)

Nicki Minaj was the chosen performer at the Samsung/AT&T Hollyweird party last night. Which means, obviously, someone had to get a lapdance.

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May 13th 9:46am

87-Year-Old Islamic Healer With 107 Wives “God Has Given Me The Power And Strength To Give Them The Sexual Portion They Need”

Wow, this guy is quite the charmer. Nigerian islamic faith healer, Bella Maasaba, is 87-years-old, has 107 wives (youngest is 19 and oldest is 64) and is still mackin tough:

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May 13th 9:14am

Some Friday ‘Kini Action: Skinemax Actress Liana Mendoza Spotted Frolicking At The Beach

Here is Liana Mendoza from Cinemax’s “Zanes Sex Chronicles” getting her kini on at a beach in Cali…

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