April 1st 8:07am

Exclusive: Wiz Khalifa Hit Up An Atlanta Tattoo Parlor Yesterday And Walked Out With ___________ [Video]

Wiz Khalifa was in Atlanta yesterday, kicking it with Gucci Mane at a video for a song they both appear on. So maybe that explains it.

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March 31st 7:30pm

To Whom Does This Impounded Lamborghini Belong??

This Lambo’s owner used to be a pretty big deal. Lately though, his life has been filled with “When The Checks Stop Coming In” scenarios and SMHs. Walking home ‘cuz his Lambo was impounded last night fits right with the WTF status of his life lately. Do you know who it is?

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March 31st 7:10pm

The Language of Love: How Miscommunication Leads to Complication

You may have heard of a little book called Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus.

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March 31st 4:47pm

Questions/Reactions Every Natural Haired Black Girl Gets

Those of us who choose to go sans hair-straightening chemicals (no shade to the relaxed homies) get some very interesting questions and reactions about our hair. The most comical questions usually come from those who are completely unfamiliar with the nuances of black hair outside of Chris Rock’s “Good Hair” and that one black girl…

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March 31st 3:45pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Should White Celebrities Be African? (GO) Street Drummer Sues MTV Over Nicki Minaj Documentary (GO) Four Types of Girlfriends That Destroy Your Relationships (GO) Katy Perry Ft. Kanye West – E.T. (Remix) (GO) Woman Finds Out She’s Been Carrying A Dead Fetus For 30 Years (GO) Backstreet Boys & New Kids on the Block Release…

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March 31st 1:59pm

Airball: Michael Jordan’s Most Questionable Fashion Looks

Michael Jordan is one of the biggest fashion icons in the world. He created the greatest shoes and fashion line in urban America. But when he’s not dictating the cultural landscape of our lives…he’s rocking the most appallingly bad clothes imaginable.

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March 31st 1:38pm

Not Enough Love: 10 Underrated Artists

In a world where sex sells and auto-tune reigns supreme, excellent talent is often sacrificed to make a quick buck.

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March 31st 12:47pm

Certified Links

Wiz Khalifa Talks Love For Amber Rose With Angie Martinez (GO) “Teen Mom” Pusher Got Paid For Fight Video (GO) More Sofia Vergara in the One Piece Thong Bathing Suit (GO) Top 10 Moments In Black Television (GO) Ask Felicia Joy: How You Can Have a Lucrative Business in Social Work (GO) Jewelry Store Cashing…

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March 31st 12:00pm

Hollyweird’s New Leading Man Banger Anthony Mackie Talks Overcoming Hollyweird Blackout & Making History With Vanity Fair!

This New Orleans-bred actor is the first Black actor to be featured in nearly a decade on the cover of Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Issue.

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March 31st 11:55am

True Or False?! Did Sean Paul Dutty Wind His Way Between BeyBey and Camel?!

Rumor control: Was Sean Paul all up in Beyonce’s cakes during a break with Jigga man? !

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