February 17th 7:36pm

We Better Not EVER Hear Someone Say Prince, Paris And Blanket Are Broke

It’s no secret that the Jackson family doesn’t practice the most effective financial habits.

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February 17th 7:19pm

Why Is This What Dru Hill Looks Like Now???

Dru Hill had a show last week in NYC and this is how they showed up.

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February 17th 6:54pm

Relationship Debate: Is It Ever O.K. To Burp Or Fart In Front Of Your Man???

Q: Dear China, My man and I have been together for a year now, and I understand that relationships must be kept fresh at all times.

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February 17th 6:40pm

Dear Bossip: My Sister’s Husband is Cheating … Should I Tell Her?

Hey Bossip, I just found out my sister’s husband is cheating on her and I want to tell her but don’t know how. She’s 10 years older than me and growing up we weren’t really close. We have the same mother but different dads and she was very angry at my mom

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February 17th 6:30pm

SMH: Sarah Palin Makes Herself Look Like An Idiot While Trying To Pop Ish About Shelly-O

Once again, Sarah Palin tried to make a funny, couldn’t keep the FLOTUS’ name out of her mouth, and wound up looking like a dummy.

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February 17th 6:09pm

UPDATE: More Pics Of Halle Berry’s Ebony Magazine Spread!

We reported last week that Halle Berry would appear on the cover on this month’s Ebony, and we now have the pics from her photoshoot to enjoy.

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February 17th 5:32pm

Homewreckin’ LeAnn’s Fiancé’s Ex Admits She’s Getting Her Cougar/Swirl-Thing On

Brandi Glanville, the woman who lost her fine dirt-dog of a hubby to LeAnn Rimes, is notorious for doing the most on Twitter.

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February 17th 5:23pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: Ohio Boy Dies After Being Shot In The Head By His Older Brother

It’s always sad to see any young person lose his or her life, but to be murdered by your own brother? SMH…

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February 17th 4:43pm

Remembering Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad: The Black History Hit Man!

This February 17th marks a full decade since the uncompromising Truth Terrorist has made his transition on to the realm of the ancestors.

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