May 21st 12:09pm

EFF An Internet Thug: Hacker Goes H.A.M. With Tiny’s Twitter – Breaks Up With T.I., Goes In On Rihanna And Bomb Threats The White House

If you weren’t on Twitter last night you missed out on some WILD tweets from Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, AKA Mrs. T.I.’s account.

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May 21st 11:43am

Family Finds $45K in Attic and Does What With It?

What would you do if you happened to find $45 thousand dollars cash in the attic of a house you just bought?

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May 21st 10:40am

Knocked Up: Pregnancy Etiquette For Family, Friends And The Mama-To-Be

Pregnancy is one of those events in life that is as fascinating as it is frightful, exciting as it is exhausting and as stimulating as it is stressful.

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May 21st 7:51am Editor Janet Mock Reveals She Was Born a Boy editor and popular blogger Janet Mock revealed some shocking information in her interview with Marie Claire Magazine.

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May 20th 6:39pm

If You Make It Past Tomorrow: 15 Places To Visit Before The World Really Ends

So if that Cali preacher who spent all his money to warn us about the end of the world is right, only the best Christians among us are actually leaving the earth tomorrow. Which means the majority of us will still be here come Sunday morning.

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May 20th 5:07pm

Ice Cream Man Arrested With Frozen Piss In Truck [Video]

In what is probably the most disgusting news story of the week, an intoxicated ice cream truck driver from Trenton, PA was arrested on Tuesday night.

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May 20th 3:36pm

Are You Feelin These Get Ups???

Angela and Vanessa Simmons held a launch party last night in Beverly Hills for their Pastry Shoe’s “Barbie So In Style” Collection.

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May 20th 3:32pm

Bossip Exclusive: Pay Yo Bills!!! Toya Carter’s Engagement Ring Almost Repo’d By The Jeweler?!?!

When Antonia Carter first hit the scene, she was initially known as Lil Wayne’s Ex-Wife/ Baby Mama , now she is currently engaged to Music A&R Memphitz. According to a source, Memphitz couldn’t afford Toya’s ring…

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May 20th 2:30pm

Chester Gregory: A Brother That Goes Far Beyond a “Sister Act”

Between the stage and the studio he hardly has time for sleep.

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May 20th 2:28pm

This End Of Days Mess Is Getting Out Of Hand: CDC Tells Us To Get Ready For A Zombie Apocalypse

They must really be smoking something serious in that CDC office in Atlanta.

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