May 12th 3:37pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere In The World

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May 12th 2:55pm

Which One Would You Hit?

We are joking, of course.

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May 12th 2:22pm

New Music: Lonny Bereal “Favor” Ft. Kelly Rowland

Here is new from Lonny Bereal ft. Kelly Rowland called “Favor”

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May 12th 2:00pm

Is Lil Wayne Spreading Himself Too Thin?

There’s such a thing as overexposure but Weezy doesn’t appear to be concerned about that.

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May 12th 12:29pm

Hi Hater: Facebook Secretly Hired PR Firm To Hate On Google Because They Are Afraid Of Competition!!

Damn, let us find out that Google has got the mighty Zuckerberg shook…

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May 12th 12:10pm

Catch Fade: Pinky From “Friday” Tells Spike Lee “I’ll Beat Yo Punk A$$” For Throwing Shade At Madea

Clifton “Will Act For Food” Powell was on the Russ Parr Morning Show this morning, tossing around a bunch of threats at Spike Lee for his earlier comments about Tyler Perry.

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May 12th 11:54am

For The Fellas: The Top Ten Vacation Spots For Single Men

Fellas, we all know when a single man goes out of town, he’s after a few very specific experiences.

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May 12th 11:20am

What’s Love Got To Do With It? Shocking Celebrity Break-ups

Although we are use to seeing short lived relationships in the Hollywood spotlight, there are always times where none of us expected a breakup or the reason behind it

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May 12th 11:10am

Caption This: Hilary Swank Grabs A Handful Of Man Meat At A Basketball Game

Hilary Swank looks like she got pretty excited at the Mavs game, watching her team mollywhop the Lakers.

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