August 16th 5:29pm

Celebs Who Should Have Put The Mic Down

When you were a little kid, did you want to be like fifteen different things when you got older?

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August 16th 5:13pm

The Princes And Princesses Of Paper: A List Of Hollyweird Teens Making It Rain

If those student loan payments have got you down, you might not want to read this… cuz these kids are all millionaires and none of them have even been to college.

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August 16th 4:34pm

Must Be Nice: Check Out The Kind Of Crib Designing Kimmy Cakes’ Wedding Gown Gets You

For decades, Vera Wang has been the authority on celebrity wedding gowns.

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August 16th 3:40pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web

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August 16th 3:20pm

Is Def Jam Done? The Company Lays Off More Than 20 Employees And Shakes Things Up…Should They Be Worried?

We all know that record labels are struggling, but things may be looking really bad for the label that started it all.

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August 16th 2:00pm

The Rich Speak on Taxes: Who’s For & Against Raising Taxes on Wealthy?

Many think the country needs a break, not the rich.

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August 16th 11:49am

Baby Daddy Of Woman Who Stated “I Will Pay Someone To Kill My Baby Father” On Facebook Found Dead

Coincidence or was this heffa really crazy enough to pay someone to kill her baby’s father after posting it on Facebook???

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August 16th 11:39am

Color Blind Rhymes: 10 Rap Songs White People Love

While Hip-Hop made its crossover appeal in the early 90’s

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August 16th 11:37am

Not A Total Betty But A Vast Improvement: Tami Roman Gets All Lady Like For Rolling Out Magazine.

Aaaw! Look at Tami getting all soft and introspective for her Rolling Out feature.

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