August 18th 10:49am

In White Folks News: Julia Stiles Spotted Crying At The Airport

We have no idea what’s going on in Julia Stiles’ life right now, but here are some pics of her crying at LAX.

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August 18th 10:37am

Dear Bossip: My Girl Said Nothing Happend With This Dude, But Based On Her Past I’m Not So Sure

Dear Bossip, So, I have this gut feeling my girlfriend has cheated on me.

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August 18th 10:25am

Kush Chronic-les: Montel Williams Caught At LAX With His Weed Pipe!

When will these people learn that taking guns, drugs, and drug paraphernalia on the airplane is frowned upon these days? SMH

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August 18th 10:09am

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Celebs With Beautiful Beach Bodies

When you’re at the beach getting your Jill Scott on with the light of the sun on your back, there’s not much material in your bikini to hide any imperfections (real or imagined). Celebs are no different

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August 18th 9:55am

A Lil’ Positivity: Frankie Finally Got Her Life Together And Keyshia Cole Is Loving It

Keyshia Cole has been having an all out love fest on Twitter with her troubled biological Frankie.

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August 18th 9:34am

Twitter Files: Ice-T Jokes About Russell Armstrong’s Suicide And Suggests “Basketball Wives” Be Changed To “Basketball Dumped Hoes”

Any active Twitter user knows Ice-T takes no prisoners on the social network — but his raw commentary didn’t go over so well with the Hollyweird set this week.

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August 18th 9:31am

Say Hello To Aubrey Ho’Day And Her Massive Mammaries

Aubrey O’Day and her rack had an evening of fun

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August 18th 8:56am

ChitChatter: Beyonce Shows Love To Big Daddy Matty And Speaks On Sony Executives Not Believing In Her Debut Album

Your girl Bey Bey still loves her some Papa Knowles: Beyonce gave her father Mathew Knowles — estranged as her manager

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August 18th 8:42am

Remember Me???

Y’all remember Patra??? Wanna see what she looks like now???

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August 18th 8:42am

Question Of The Day: Is Katy Perry As Good An Artist As Michael Jackson??

We know its blasphemous, but she’s tied a record that only the King of Pop has achieved…

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