July 16th 4:00pm

Top 10 Historically Black Colleges & Universities

When the time comes for selecting which higher education institution to attend, parents and prospective students may sometimes forget or ignore Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), which they may view as homogeneous, rigid, and dogmatic. The truth, however, is that today’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities are highly dynamic, progressive, and diverse institutions of…

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July 16th 2:15pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Texas Man Claiming To Be African Prince And Doctor Sentenced After Knowingly Spreading HIV (GO) Danny Glover Is Too Old For This Sh*t (GO) Man Beats Wife While She Was In Labor (GO) Enrique Iglesias’ Kiss Leaves Fan Thinking Dirty Thoughts (GO) Snoop Dogg Calls Out Manny Pacquiao; “Take The Blood Test, Stop Bullsh*ttin” [Video]…

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July 16th 2:13pm

Vida Guerra Likes Them Long, Hot and Not ‘Real’ Meaty!!! WTH?

Old news errr…ummm video vixen Vida Guerra recently made an appearance in Washington, DC for PETA’s 2010 National Veggie Dog Day. She paraded around in a bikini made of hot peppers and caused married men to repeatedly get slapped by their wives! Pop the hood to see Vida handle some wieners!

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July 16th 2:10pm

For Discussion: When Do You Let Him See Your Do-Rag?

You’ve met a great guy, you’ve been dating for a while, and things are progressing well. But you’ve been holding out, no sleep-overs for this very reason. When we’re alone, we have our hair rituals: conditioning cream, pin-curls, wrapping, a couple of french braids for waves the next morning. Then we wrap it all up…

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July 16th 2:06pm

Did Users Flee To Facebook Because MySpace Was “Too Ghetto”?

Research among techie circles has produced an argument that Facebook’s success is due in part to white folks leaving “the ghetto” of MySpace. We thought this made for a good discussion piece. Pop the hood for more on this theory and to weigh in

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July 16th 1:28pm

Rob Kardashian’s 5 Seconds Of Fame Is Over… Angela Simmons Is Kickin’ It With ________ In Miami

Angela Simmons is in Miami for fashion week but of course she couldn’t par take in the festivities alone. She was seen getting a few laughs in at the comedy show with a guy by the name of Ant… but that’s not the person you should be concerned about. The question: Who Does Ant Work…

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July 16th 12:13pm

Three Men Who Gang Raped Girl With Pool Cue And Lit Cigarette Lose Appeal To Have Case Overturned

Three California men who were convicted of gang raping an unconscious 16-year-old girl on camera and violating her with various objects lost their appeal in court to have their case overturned. Details under the hood Continue

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July 16th 12:03pm

BDR Barges Into A Bar With A Kimora Clone

Russell Simmons accidentally busted into a bar with his Checky in tow and interrupted a screening. You can pay for school but you can’t buy class. Pop it to see why BDR and his 3rd grade vest barged in.

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July 16th 11:37am

Janet Jackson Looks Fly In Fur… But PETA Brings Out The Claws

Janet Jackson has signed on as spokesmodel for fur firm Black Glama, and of course the singer rubbed PETA the wrong way by rocking a mink in her new ad. Instead of respectfully disagreeing with Janet’s choice PETA has come ALL out of pocket hitting Ms. Jackson WAY below the belt. Their SMH-worthy comments when…

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July 16th 11:06am

Donald Trump Picks Up Tiger Wood’s Sloppy Seconds

Donald Trump has recruited Tiger Woods’ number one jump off Rachel Uchitel to sit on his Trump tower. Obviously, talent isn’t necessary for success anymore. Pop it to hear what he plans to do to her.

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July 16th 11:00am

Certified Links

Lil Wayne Owes Over A Million To IRS, Tax Records Leaked Online (GO) Oksana Demanded Millions For Tapes … Allegedly (GO) Alyssa Miller In A Bikini In July 2010 Elle Italia Of The Day (GO) Behind The Click Terance Thatch (GO) Halle Berry Is One Hot Mama (GO) Jadakiss Reveals Details Of How He Gets…

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July 16th 10:41am

Dirty Dog Diaries: The Nightmare The Dream Apologizes To C-Milli, Says He Attempted Suicide

The-Dream is speaking up again about his disgusting behavior, this time issuing a public apology to his wife Christina Milian and sticking with his story that their marriage has been failing for awhile. Pop the hood to read the letter

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July 16th 10:37am

In White Folks With Black Babies News: Sandra Bullock And Little Louis Bardo Still Jetsetting

Sandra Bullock and her son little Louis Bardo were spotted in the airport once again… He’s such an adorable little baby boy. More pics…

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July 16th 10:15am

True Or False: Pictures Of Diddy And Cassie Getting Kinky Are Up For Sale !?!?

Diddy did IT! And by IT we mean Cassie… Not that that should come as a surprise to anyone, but allegedly there are now pictures to prove it. Pop the hood for details:

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July 16th 9:50am

Photo Emerges Of Mel Gibson’s Baby’s Mom Oksana After He Punched Her In The Face

Oksana is surely going for crazy/racist a$s Mel Gibson’s jugular. As if the audio wasn’t enough, now an image of Oksana after Mel allegedly punched her dead in the face has been “leaked.”

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