February 2nd 10:46am

Atlanta Gang Leader Sentenced To Double-Life PLUS 40 Years!!

This cat was one bad mutha-shut-yo-mouth… ATLANTA — The leader of a violent Atlanta gang was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of murder and assault charges stemming from three separate incidents that left two dead and two wounded. George “Keon” Redding, a 21-year-old widely recognized as the leader of “30 Deep,” was…

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February 2nd 10:40am

Rihanna Has No Problem With Her Public Nakedness… And Thinks She’s Fat

Matt Camp’s set of nekkid Rihanna pictures popped up on the interwebs this week.

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February 2nd 10:34am

In White Folks News: Lindsay Lohan Snatches Jewels And Faces A Snitch!

Attention whore Lindsay Lohan is at it again! This time, she’ll be dodging charges for thievin’ high end jewelry!

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February 2nd 10:03am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Body Of 4 Year Old Tot Snatched From Grandmother’s Arms Is Found Dead!!

SMH! What is this world coming to?! The body of a 4 year old boy has been found dumped in a canal, ending the fortnight-long search for the child who was allegedly kidnapped from the arms of his grandmother in his own home.

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February 2nd 9:52am

When Pigs Fly: Charlie Sheen Is Going Through Private Rehab At Home

Charlie Sheen has proven to do so well in the real world lately

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February 2nd 9:44am

Exclusive: Will Ochocinco Throw Up the Deuces to Evelyn Lozada?

“Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada better run a full court press if she’s hoping to score the highly coveted — and financially secure — title of wife, versus just wifey, from Chad Ochocinco.

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February 2nd 9:20am

Catch Fade: Fabolous Is Accused Of Scrapping Up And Assaulting Bus Boy In Atlanta Restaurant

SMH if this is true: Rapper Fabolous is accused of assaulting a restaurant bus boy with a glass bottle and a fist during a visit to Atlanta

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February 2nd 9:01am

Another Day, Another White Soccer Mom Murks Her Kid…

The Florida woman murdered her kids because they were “mouthy”, and now this woman strangled her daughter to death for “pushing her last button”:

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February 2nd 8:52am

Steelers Wide Receiver Hines Ward Wants The Team To Give Plaxico Burress Another “Shot”

We had a feeling that this may happen, but definitely didn’t think we would hear about it the week of the Superbowl.

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February 2nd 8:41am

Egypt’s President Mubarak Tries To Play The People For The Okie Doke

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has finally agreed not to run for a re-election… which means he’ll be out of office in seven months.

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February 2nd 6:38am

Dawn Richard’s New Music: Me, Myself & Y… Did You Pick This Song?!?!

Dawn Richard has been given permission to step away from Dirty Money to slide out her new single for some solo attention. After being in a group like Danity Kane and rolling with the Dirty Money crew, Dawn’s new single is not far off from what we are use too but still extremely… awful different!…

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February 2nd 6:21am

Quote Of The Day – Mike Tyson On Gucci’s Tattoo: “I Like Going To War, He Likes Gettin Licked On”

Mike Tyson called into DJ Whoo Kid’s show on Shade 45 and spoke on the three scoops of ice cream inked on Gucci Mane’s face.

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February 2nd 5:58am

Caption This: Vivica Fox And The Mysterious Wet Spot In LAX

The paps captured this pic of Vivica Fox arriving at LAX the other day with a mysterious spot in the crotch area of her pants. There are plenty of things that could be said about this but instead of us adding our two cents… Caption This!!!

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February 2nd 5:16am

Halle Berry’s Baby Daddy, Gabriel Aubry, Bites Back: “Halle Is Lying And Irresponsible…”

While most fathers would probably bite the bullet and give the mother of their child whatever they want, Gabriel Aubry is not that type of guy. Yesterday, Halle Berry’s rep released a statement in regards to Halle’s concerns for daughter’s safety while in the care of her father Gabriel. Well… Mr. Aubry will not allow…

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