May 16th 4:09pm

Mariah Carey And #DemBabies “Roc+Roe” Are Finally Home From The Hospital

Mariah Carey revealed to the world this weekend via Twitter that she and the babies, Monroe Cannon and Moroccan Scott Cannon

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May 16th 3:01pm

French Politician Previously Described As “Rutting Chimpanzee” Now Faces Charges In Rape Of African Hotel Maid

And this is the guy who was supposed to give the French President a run for his money in the next election. SMH.

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May 16th 2:39pm

Black Couple Who Birthed Baby With White Skin And Blonde Hair: “We Are Sure There Are A Few People Who Think We Have Stolen Him”

A black couple told yesterday of their shock and mystification when their son was born with white skin and blond hair.

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May 16th 2:22pm

Wait, WHAT?! Shannon Brown Puts Himself On Blast, Denies Affair With Pau Gasol’s Ex

Shannon Brown took to Twitter over the weekend to address some rumors, and has been quiet ever since.

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May 16th 2:19pm

Donald “I Have A Good Relationship With The Blacks” Trump Is NOT Running For President Of The United States Of America

Thank goodness this jacka$$ has come to his senses!!! Donald Trump ended his months-long public flirtation with a 2012 presidential run Monday

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May 16th 2:00pm

Composer Wendell Hanes On The Business of Jingle Making

If advertising is a science Hanes lays the tracks to make us react.

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May 16th 1:58pm

Is Yeezy Two-Timing His Blonde Becky With This Beauty Pageant Banger?

Kanye West may have been sucking face with some average looking Becky in France but rumor has it Ye has a world-class banger he has been “dating” back in the States.

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May 16th 11:48am

Sex & Relationships: How Many Is Too Many??

Last week we discussed sex on the first night and I was clear in stating that it should not be a weekly occurrence so now let’s discuss how many is too many. Yes I’m talking about sexual partners! Let’s start off with a simple analogy. A woman goes into a store and wants to buy…

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May 16th 11:47am

Animal Instincts: Celebrities And Animals That Have A Lot In Common

Just because you are rich and famous doesn’t mean you aren’t funny looking.

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May 16th 11:30am

9 Companies and Brands Blacks Should Support and Boycott

With over $900B in purchasing power we really ought to spend wisely.

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May 16th 11:05am

A “Lil Positivity” Students Build A Robotic Exoskeleton So That A Graduate Can Walk Across The Stage To Receive His Diploma

Austin Whitney is walking proof that dreams do come true. Paralyzed from the waist down since a 2007 drunk driving accident, he had worked hard to graduate on time –and with honors — from the University of California at Berkeley. That was reason enough to celebrate. But nothing compared to how he accepted his diploma…

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