May 9th 9:10am

Rihanna Rockin’ A Ridiculously Low Cut Sheer Dress In Paris

Rihanna is out in Paris stuntin in a sheer dress that barely covers up those lil nuggets of hers.

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May 9th 8:54am

And 1: Shaunie O’Neal Goes Hard In The Paint On Chris BEETCH Bosh For Lawsuit

Both of these ladies need to get their panties out of a bunch and go sit down somewhere.

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May 9th 8:51am

Seen On The Scene: Raven-Symoné & Others Get Their Glitz And Glam On…

Raven-Symoné was Kentucky Derbying it up with her lil body and extreme eye makeup swag in full effect…

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May 9th 8:30am

End Of An Era: Kobe, Phil Jackson, And The Murked Lakers Say “It’s Better That We Lost Now And Not In The Finals”

Dayummmm, Kobe and them went out like some suckas…but they’re satisfied with how it turned out:

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May 9th 8:14am

You Need More People: President Obama Points The Finger At Pakistan For Harboring Bin Laden [Video]

They didn’t think we were gonna believe that BS they were kickin’ did they?

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May 9th 8:13am

For Discussion: Nearly Two-Thirds Of Americans Believe Obama Should NOT Have Released Photos Of bin Laden’s Dead Body

According to a recent poll “most Americans” agree with Obama’s choice not to release images of a dead bin Laden:

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May 8th 1:18pm

When The Checks Start Slowing Down: Since When Does Beyonce Do Festivals??

We don’t think we’ve heard of Beyonce being booked to appear on three festival stages her whole career.

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May 8th 1:05pm

More Than Pink Lotion: Product Recommendations For Every Style

Not long ago, my sister and I were having a conversation about our hair.

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May 8th 12:40pm

Old School/New School Lakers Beef: Magic Johnson Thinks Lamar Kardashian-Odom Isn’t Hungry Enough Anymore

Magic Johnson doesn’t appreciate this year’s Lakers squad tarnishing his legacy.

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May 8th 12:16pm

Elsewhere In The World: Sh*t Is Still Real In Iraq

While the world’s eyes have been on other parts of the Muslim world, the Iraqis haven’t exactly been chilling.

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May 8th 11:13am

That Unauthorized Jay-Z Biography Doesn’t Reveal Anything He Didn’t Want You To Know

You might not remember this, but around the time Jay-Z‘s “Decoded” came out, it was announced that some writer from Forbes was writing an unauthorized biography about him.

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