June 29th 8:11am

In White Folks News: Megan Fox Is Officially Married

Megan Fox and the dude from 90210 back in the day finally got married: Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green tied the knot late last week in Hawaii

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June 28th 5:05pm

*Bossip BET Exclusive* What Atlanta Rapper Was Throwing Up “Blood” In Jeezy’s Face?

BOSSIP spotted ATL rapper Jeezy at the BET Awards trailers mean muggin’ our cameras. After a few shots he had one of his goons walk over to tell us “stop the snappin!” Right next to Jeezy’s goons was another ATL rapper decked out in red who chunked up the “Blood” sign with no hesitation for…

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June 28th 5:00pm

John Legend’s Hairline Becomes A Trending Topic On Twitter And He Was Not “Nappy” About It!!!

John Legend received the BET Humanitarian award last night at the 2010 BET Awards. BET observed John Legend’s selfless acts while the rest of the world observed his jacked up hairline and made it a trending topic. John Legend Wasn’t Happy About This… His Response Continue…

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June 28th 4:59pm

NYPD Officer Files Lawsuit Against Sean Bell Estate…After Murdering Him In Cold Blood

A New York police officer involved in 2006 shooting death of unarmed Sean Bell has filed a countersuit against Bell’s estate claiming that he was injured by the husband-to-be before his death. Continue

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June 28th 4:49pm

Sandra Bullock Divorce Finalized… It’s A Wrap For That Dirty Dog Jesse James

Sandra Bullock’s divorce from her skank of a husband Jesse James has been finalized. Pop the hood for details

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June 28th 4:03pm

Howard Stern: Jada & Will Smith’s Marriage Business Plan Is Full Of Sh*zzz And Will Smith Speaking Ebonics To Be Relatable Is Ignorant

Howard Stern and his little coon puppet Robin have decided to share their two cents on Jada and Will Smith’s Oprah interview. This dude is getting worse than Bill O’ Reilly and it’s all for ratings. Howard Stern: It’s annoying to hear Oprah kissing Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s a$$ and those little kids…

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June 28th 3:32pm

Letoya Luckett Responds To Slim Thug’s Comments “You’ve Gone Too Far Buddy!”

Letoya Luckett spoke to BOSSIP on the BET Awards red carpet about her ex-boyfriend Slim Thug’s recent comments about black women. Video under the hood

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June 28th 2:46pm

What The Hell??? Mexican Drug Cartel Murks Singer The Day After Dispelling Death Rumors

The death of Sergio Vega this weekend has shed light on a genre of music more dangerous than gangster rap… SMH Hours after a famed Mexican musician told fans he was very much alive – someone killed him.

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June 28th 1:06pm

Foxy Brown Hits Rock Bottom

An inside source tells Bossip that Foxy Brown has hit rock bottom! Sources say that Foxy was spotted around 1:00AM early Monday morning outside Nathan’s in Brooklyn New York. Pop the hood for details

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June 28th 12:48pm

Quote Of The Day: Kelis Says Nas Is Her Biggest Disappointment Ever

Kelis had a short Q&A with British publication Guardian and spilled on things she loves, loathes, and fears…

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June 28th 12:00pm

Supreme Court Grants Guns to Every City and State

Bang the hammer, carry the ratchet, spray Llamas.. However they say it in your hood, now they can do it. The Supreme Court now says every American has a constitutional right to own a gun.

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June 28th 11:45am

Name These Legendary Cakes

Atlantic Records hosted a BET Awards Afterparty at Cecconi’s on Melrose that was off the chain and lots of bangers were in the building with big cakes poppin’… including these ones. Can you guess who they belong to? Pop the hood to find out and see photos of B.O.B., T.I., Janelle Monae and more!

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June 28th 11:23am

Obama Has the Power to Shut Down the Internet for 4 Months!

The next time your internet gets cut off, it may not be because of a bad connection or unpaid bill! It may be because the Senate just granted President Obama the right to shut the internet down completely for up to 4 months! Pop it to hear how your right to free speech is going…

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June 28th 10:34am

Which One Would You Hit??? Laz Alonzo Vs. Tyrese

Laz Alonzo and Tyrese Gibson attended the Asics Creme of the Crop dinner last night at Mr. Chow’s. Ladies, which one of these kind fellows would you let beat that thang up??? Over 35+ images for your viewing pleasure…

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June 28th 10:20am

U.S. World Cup Soccer Player Landon Donovan Is Having Illegitimate Child Woes

Damn, these thirsty broads sure do go hard: U.S. soccer stud Landon Donovan was forced to play defense Sunday after a British paramour claimed she was carrying his love child.

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