September 8th 12:50pm

Poor Baby: Kelly Rowland Talks About Identity Crisis Because Of Her Dark Skin

Kelly is still talking about her childhood insecurities.

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September 8th 12:14pm

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Elsewhere On The Web…

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September 8th 12:07pm

Now I Ain’t Saying She A Gold Digger!: 10 Celebs Caught Picking Their Nose

Even though most celebrities are just like you and I, the unfortunately don’t have the comfort of picking their nose whenever they want.

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September 8th 12:06pm

Watch Gumby Try To Rob A 7-Eleven: You Wont Believe What The Idiot Made Out With [Video]

That’s right… we said “Gumby.” A man in a Gumby suit attempted to rob a 7-Eleven store but became nervous and escaped with only

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September 8th 12:00pm

Caption This: Is Kevin Hart Shrinking?

Kevin Hart has Shaunie O’Neal out here looking like Shaq!

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September 8th 11:58am

Hoes Beware: Impersonating A Stripper Will Get You A $450 Fine

Some of you ladies impersonate strippers every single day and don’t know it. Be careful!

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September 8th 11:51am

Guess Which Reality TV “Star” Just Put This $2.25 Million Cottage On The Market

This Hollywood house was one of the main characters in one of your favorite guilty pleasures. Then the house’s owner and almost all of her friends (and the cameras) moved to New York. Can you guess who’s selling this one?

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September 8th 11:00am

The Miseducation Of The Negro: A Reflection On 5 Thoughts Still Relevant Today

The three R’s are fine, but what black learning really need is revolution.

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