July 5th 11:15am

Unsung: 10 Artists That Deserve A Feature On TVOne

Recently TVOne shed some light on Big Daddy Kane on the hit series Unsung.

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July 5th 11:06am

How To Tell If You’re In A Funk Or Actually Depressed

I have a lot of respect for people who can face this world with a bright smile and positive outlook. It’s not hard to find a reason to feel a little down with the state of our fledgling economy, job shortages and natural disasters.

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July 5th 11:00am

How China Changed Everything For Stephon Marbury’s Starbury

They can’t get enough of the one-time NBA badboy’s goods.

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July 5th 10:33am

Cougars Beware… Connor Cruise Is Still Jailbait

We are pretty sure this kid is already popular with the ladies at school.

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July 5th 10:17am

Quote Of The Day: NeNe Leakes Says Eff Star Jones, “She Ain’t Got No Job. Her Only Job Is Being Ugly!”

Nene Leakes and Kandi Burruss gave out some spoilers from the new Real Housewives of Atlanta season to air this fall, and NeNe goes in on Star Jones…again:

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July 5th 10:06am

Kelly Rowland Shows Her Bangin’ Chocolate Legs In London

Kelly Rowland decided to skip the stateside 4th of July BBQ’s and opted for some delicious dining at Nobu restaurant in London yesterday.

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July 5th 9:45am

In White Folks News: Danielle Radcliffe Admits To Being a Teenage Drunk In His Harry Potter Days

Daniel Radcliffe, whose claim to fame is being Harry Potter reveals that he was slizzed for most of his acting career:

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July 5th 9:33am

Perverts: 34-Year-Old Man Hid In Teens Bed In His Drawls Waiting To Fondle Her!!!

This sick FAWKS… Just wait til he gets to the whoscow, somebody gonna be waiting in his bunk!

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July 5th 9:31am

Shots Fired: VP Biden Says ‘If You Vote Republican … You’re On Your Own Jack’ [Video]

Joe Biden may be a VP of few words but whenever he opens his mouth, shots are fired!

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July 5th 9:11am

Summatime Summatime Summa Summa Cakes In ‘Kinis Time

We neither know nor care what the hell Bikini Swim Club is, however we would like to thank the ladies for proudly suiting up and tooting them thangs up.

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July 5th 9:00am

Random Ridiculousness: Coney Island Boardwalk Employees Ration Toilet Paper To Patrons

Only in New York are you forced to deal with the potty police …

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July 5th 8:48am

Poor Thang: Octomom Says She Loves All Her Babies And Is Disgusted By Those Lying A$s Tabloids For Printing “Fabricated Interview”

In Touch Weekly recently ran an interview with Octomom where she calls her babies animals and says she hated them

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