April 4th 5:37pm

Which Dancing With The Stars Contestant Felt It Necessary To Share This Nastiness With All Of Twitter???

We’re not quite sure why anyone would put themselves through this torture. Especially since, unlike most “Stars” dancing on ABC, this person is at the height of her popularity. Can you guess who it is?

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April 4th 5:09pm

Pure Comedy: Taye Diggs And Wife Dressed In Afros For 70’s Party

Here is everyone’s favorite actor, Taye Diggs, and his swirly wife Idina Menzel, were photographed having some old school fun

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April 4th 4:43pm

Take That ISHT To Trial: 9/11 “Mastermind” And Conspirators To Be Tried At Guantanamo Bay

Damn, we just NOW putting theses a**holes in front of “Your honor”???

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April 4th 3:59pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Charlie Sheen Debuts Snoop Dogg Track On Tour (GO) Tiger Woods’ Design Business Gets Off Course (GO) Adrian Holmes talks kissing Halle Berry and Wanting Kids (GO) Michael Camiloto – Male Model Monday (GO) Elizabeth Berkley Talks ‘Saved by the Bell,’ ‘Showgirls’ and Teen Empowerment (GO) Shots Fired, 1 Person Injured At Webbie Concert (GO)…

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April 4th 3:52pm

The Baddest Chick In The Game’s STILL Wearing His Chain: Jay-Z And Beyonce’s Most Memorable Moments

Today marks the three year anniversary of the marriage of Jay-Z and Beyonce, easily Hip-Hop’s reining couple.

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April 4th 2:41pm

This Guy Has Been Chopping Down Winehouse Cakes For Over A Year And Wants To Do It Forever

This clean-cut, upwardly mobile-looking, dare we say handsome young man is Reg Traviss

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April 4th 1:05pm

WTF??? 92 Year-Old Is On Trial For The Murder Of Her 98 Year-Old Husband!!!

We can’t even begin to imagine how long it must have taken this old a** lady to stab her husband at her age.

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April 4th 1:03pm

Did You Know: More US Families Are Adopting HIV Positive Children

More and more families in the US are adopting HIV positive children, mostly from foreign countries:

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April 4th 12:36pm

For Your Information: McDonald’s Is Hiring 50,000 People In One Day!

For those of you who need a McGig in these tough times. No shame in getting a pay check.

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April 4th 12:06pm

Rumor Control: Rih Rih Is Jealous… Drops Camel As Manager!

Did Rih Rih pull a BeyBey and drop her manager just days after Beyonce joined Roc Nation?!

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April 4th 11:59am

Problem Proof: The 10 Safest Cities From Natural Disasters

After the recent Japan earthquake and the tragedy that took place last year in Haiti, a number of people are curious

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