July 7th 6:53pm

Are You Feelin This Get Up???

We know that Kelis’ post-Baby Knight body is off the chain (she looks great), but are y’all feelin her lil fit she’s rocking??? She and Wendy Williams were at Sirius Satellite radio today in New York. More pics when you…

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July 7th 6:06pm

Ice Cube Puts The Weinstein Brothers On Blast!!! Reveals Shady Hollyweird Partnership

Ice Cube doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to get taken advantage of — well at least not since he left Jerry Heller and Ruthless Records behind, but the producer/director/actor/rapper recently opened up about the shady dealings of brothers Harvey and Bob Weinstein. Pop the hood to listen

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July 7th 6:02pm

Who Is My Daddy???

This precious little lady is the daughter of a guy who used to have it all, but not so much these days. Pop it to find out who her daddy is…

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July 7th 5:44pm

BossipVideo.com Links!

Arizona Police Go Crazy About Being Called Racist Pigs And Even Start Crying: CLICK HERE Pharrell Goes On Chelsea Lately And Grabs Her Cakes… Is She Playing About Chopping Rappers?: CLICK HERE Marsha Ambrosious For The Blast Live @ Uptown Grand Performing: CLICK HERE Tyler Perry Says Folks Are Not Telling The Truth About Boondocks…

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July 7th 5:38pm

Norton Plays Russian Roulette With D.C.’s Future

In a 5-4 decision on June 28th the Supreme Court struck down Chicago’s ban on handguns. Chicago mayor Richard Daley was left shaking his head. The previous week had been an exceptionally bloody one with 54 people shot over a single weekend. His distaste could be felt by many across the country. DC’s delegate to…

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July 7th 4:26pm

Keith Olbermann Begs Oprah To Crush “Racist Schmuck” Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh’s racist comments are continuing to infuriate individuals sick of his ridiculous remarks, this time MSNBC correspondent Keith Olbermann. Pop the hood for his words and to find out how Oprah is involved Continue

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July 7th 2:49pm

For The Ladies

DAYYYYYYYYYUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMM… It’s hot outside in NYC right now, but Cristiano Ronaldo just made it that much hotter. Pop the hood for more shots of Cristiano’s sculpted thighs and glistening soccer player physique in those little Gucci shorts

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July 7th 2:26pm

Que Proposes To Dawn???

The boy is so much in love with his girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with her .Check out how Que from Day26 proposed marriage to his lady love Dawn. Continue…

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July 7th 2:00pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Michael Vick Cleared Of All Charges In Birthday Party Shooting (GO) Tha Carter’s Kicks: Lil Wayne’s Greatest Footwear Moments (GO) Angelina Jolie Reveals How She And Brad Pitt Remain Together And Happy (GO) Marvin Gaye’s Mentor Harvey Fuqua Dies (GO) Lindsay Lohan’s F*ck U Could Land Her In Contempt Of Court (GO) Freedom Of Speech…

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July 7th 1:56pm

Guess Which R&B Star Spends $11 K On Shoes… EVERY MONTH!?!

Beyonce, Ciara, Alicia Keys and Rihanna have all been known to rock some pricey footwear, but can you guess which of these ladies just copped to her expensive monthly shoe habit??? Pop the hood to find out

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July 7th 12:55pm

A Lil Positivity

Monica and B.O.B. devoted their Independence Day to U.S. soldiers by giving a free concert to help boost morale. Pop the hood for details

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July 7th 11:57am

Shots Fired! Farrakhan Says Blacks Can’t Become Millionaires Without Jews

Minister Louis Farrakhan goes so hard. In a recent letter addressed to Jewish leaders he openly accuses them of pimping black people for their talent. Pop it to see him GO IN on Jewish organizations.

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July 7th 11:28am

Rev. Jesse Jackson Says BP Is Ignoring Claims of Black Fisherman

BP can’t seem to get right. They have been mired in controversy since the spill happened d*mn near 4 months ago. Now, Rev. Jesse Jackson says they have failed to compensate black fisherman. Pop it for the details.

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July 7th 11:19am

The NAACP Says Stop Jailing Blacks And Let Them Smoke Kush!

The NAACP said they got 5 on a dime sack of that killer Kush. Well, not really. But they did say that marijuana should be legalized for recreational use. Pop it to see their unusual reasoning for the legalization of marijuana.

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July 7th 11:12am

Londoners Observe Fifth Anniversary Of July 7th Tube Bombings

Victims of the 2005 bombing in London were remembered on the 5th anniversary of their deaths. Loved ones gathered in several unofficial ceremonies throughout the city in memory of the 52 innocent lives lost when bombs blasted four Tube trains and a bus, the attacks also wounded over 700 people.

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