April 1st 10:57am

Which Reality Star Just Dropped $1.7 Milli On This Crib???

Here’s a hint: you probably hate her just a little more than her sisters. And her soon-to-be-fiance is the king of all douchelords. Was that obvious enough for ya?

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April 1st 10:29am

6 Key Lessons On Wealth Building From Rich Dad, Poor Dad

  As many high school students make their college decisions, the debate continues on the link between higher education and future success. While colleges may enable students to pursue rewarding careers, many graduates may still lack the financial literacy and knowledge to develop wealth. As author, Robert Kiyosaki, describes in his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad,…

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April 1st 9:47am

The Hood Life: Sara Stokes And Her Husband Catch Fade Again

By no means are we making light of domestic violence. But when toxic people choose to stay in their toxic situations, the outcome is usually pretty predictable.

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April 1st 9:32am

For The Stans

Here is Beyonce at some photo shoot looking like an old tranny recently….

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April 1st 8:55am

EFF An Enrique Iglesias: Britney Spears Picks An Urban Artist To Join Her Tour

Now that Enrique Iglesias has made it clear that he’s a tad bit delusional about his popularity in the U.S., Britney Spears is working on bringing one of two urban acts in to fill his spot.

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April 1st 8:25am

Don’t Quit Your Day Job: The 10 Worst Movies Starring Rappers

From Will Smith to LL Cool J, we’ve seen rappers try their acting out to great success.

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