June 29th 11:12am

Quote Of The Day: Taraji P. Henson Would “Play A Tree, Or A Rock” For Tom Hanks

Don’t think we’ll ever get tired of looking at this lady.

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June 29th 11:10am

Elsewhere In The World: North Korea Shuts Down Universities And Puts Students To Work On Farms

These kind of stories remind us that democracy is a beautiful thing.

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June 29th 11:09am

Swirling With Another Minority Ain’t As Easy As It Sounds

On its face, it seems like interracial dating and mating with another minority–Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern–would seem a bit easier than hooking up with a WASP-y white guy, right?

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June 29th 10:55am

What’s Cooking? Top Black Celebrity Chefs

They’ve had more than a taste of success.

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June 29th 10:51am

The Transformers Movie Is Out And It Doesn’t Suck…Too Much

The most anticipated flick of the year is finally out. So what do the critics think?

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June 29th 10:13am

TwitPic Of The Day: Rolling With Baby Usher… Naviyd Is Pure Comedy!!!

We’re not even entirely sure what is going on in this picture

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June 29th 9:50am

Aw Po’ Thang: Silly A** Sarah Palin Feels Hated By Celebrities And Can’t Understand Why

Well Sarah, it isn’t really hard to tell why people don’t rock with you…

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June 29th 9:47am

Yeah, We Said It: Why Are Evelyn “Get’Em Girl” Lozada’s People Living in the PJs?

This week’s “Basketball Wives’” saga was replete with the necessary amount of drama to keep fans enthralled.

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June 29th 9:45am

Caption This

Rihanna had another clothing-optional performance at the Staples Center in LA last night.

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