July 7th 9:47am

In White Folks News: Brad Pitt Is Finally Ready To Jump The Broom

Now that more gay people are allowed to get married, Brad Pitt sounds like he’s ready to bite the bullet.

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July 7th 9:27am

Blind Item: Isn’t He Married???

We got a really juicy one guys… so juicy we can’t even name names.

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July 7th 9:15am

C’mon Son: Republican Tim Scott Says Obama Making Moves Without GOP Approval Is An ‘Impeachable Offense’

Timmy … stop it! How quickly we forget. Where were you when Bush was making moves without using proper congressional protocol?

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July 7th 9:09am

Caption This: Swizzy Performs In New York City

Here’s Swizz Beatz on stage in New York yesterday.

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July 7th 9:09am

Mariah Carey Seen Out For The First Time Since Giving Birth, But Where Are #DemBabies??

MiMi was spotted out in NYC with her post-baby-hide-from-the-shady-paps steez

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July 7th 8:30am

Kush Chronicles: Minnesota Timberwolves Player Michael Beasley Popped For Marijuana

Another day, another proffessional athlete popped for doing something stupid.

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July 7th 8:25am

Who Looks More Casually Bangin? Ciara And Meagan Good Just Kickin’ It On The West Side

Actress Meagan Good was spotted chillin’ in her workout gear at Urth Caffe yesterday while singer Ciara was caught by cameras leaving a Beverly Hills nails salon.

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July 7th 8:24am

Welcome Back: Sean Kingston Celebrates His Recovery

On Monday, while all of you were enjoying free bar-b-q and reflecting on your pride in being an American, Sean Kingston was celebrating life.

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