May 24th 7:07am

Coupled Up: Old Head Lionel Richie Spotted Getting His Middle-Aged Swirl On

Lionel Richie was spotted accompanying his lady friend to lunch at La Scala Monday.

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May 24th 7:00am

Are You Feelin’ Ricky Rozay’s Silky Colorful And Young Fitting Getup?

Rick Rawse “Like Sauce” and his Maybach Music Group cohorts appeared on BET’s “106 & Park” show Monday to promote their new album Self-Made

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May 23rd 8:30pm

John Richy Rich Makes It Rain As Celebrity Apprentice Winner!

It’s been a bit of a rough country road for the Celebrity Apprentice winner…

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May 23rd 7:08pm

Some Evening Cakes

The day just wouldn’t be complete without a lil evening cakes! Can you guess who this lumpy pair belongs to?

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May 23rd 6:15pm

For The Ladies: Marlon Wayans Brings His Uh… Physique To Hawaii’s Shores

Marlon Wayans hit the beaches of Maui this weekend with his Nerf game and a pair of pecs that would make Rick Ross jealous.

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May 23rd 5:52pm

Are Pregnancies Ever Really Unplanned??

With all of the debate surrounding Planned Parenthood and the obvious right-wing attack on abortion, American women are being forced to reevaluate reproductive responsibility.

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May 23rd 5:17pm

Poor Thang: Dirty Dog Sperminator Loses Cartoon Deal Because He Can’t Wrap It Up

The Sperminator’s d*ck-slinging ways are catching up with him in more ways than one.

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May 23rd 5:10pm

Question Of The Day: Spike Lee Still Wants To Know WTF Took Dubya So Long To Help New Orleans

Spike Lee continues to take no prisoners when it comes to former President George W. Bush!

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May 23rd 4:48pm

Bye Haters: Christina “Humongous Humps” Hendricks Says You’re An Idiot If You Can’t Tell Her Massive Ta-Ta’s Are Real, Losers

We all love looking at the ample curves that Christina provides every week on Mad Men. But some haters out there thing her sexiness is fabricated.

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May 23rd 4:45pm

KING’s July/Aug 2011 Issue Preview [Photos]

KING Magazine released a preview of their July/August 2011 issue, which hits newsstands on May 31st.

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May 23rd 4:19pm

A-Alikes: Celebrities That Portrayed Other Famous Characters And Nailed It!

Over the years we’ve seen many actors and actresses play historical figures, musicians, even some of their fellow thespians in a plethora of films. We’ve amassed a short list of some of the best performances where it became hard to tell the difference between the actor and the real person.

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May 23rd 4:05pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Elsewhere On The Web

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