February 4th 6:28pm

Meet The Real Housewives Of Miami

Now that Bravo’s announced that it’s pushing back the return of the “Real Housewives of New York”, the network is promoting the new season of the franchise in Miami.

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February 4th 5:54pm

And Now We Finally Know What K-Fraud-y Aubry Did To P*ss Off Halle

We knew something had to have happened to kick Halle into Baby Mama overdrive.

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February 4th 5:03pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Did Barack Forget To Tell Michelle Something… (GO) Natalie Portman is Still Pregnant (GO) Lil B Talks About Love From 50 Cent & Kanye; Hate From Kevin Durant (GO) Love the Look: Celebrity Engagement Bling! (GO) Erykah Badu Joins Core DJs, To Spin At Super Bowl Parties (GO) Ricky Martin’s Back At It With The…

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February 4th 3:07pm

Modern Day Mammy?

You know her. She’s was solemn dark face that stared back at you in those black and white photographs, she was the bandana clad woman in “Gone With the Wind,” and she was your Aunt Jemima before she got that make over. She was the mammy and you know her well. The mammy is a…

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February 4th 2:48pm

Would You Pay To Smell Like Khlomar???

We didn’t realize that Khloe and Lamar are still trying to convince us all that they’re swirl thang is forever.

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February 4th 2:21pm

Snoop Dogg’s Apparel Brand Suing Sunglass Company For Infringement

The makers of Snoop Dogg’s popular OG Bandana sunglasses are taking action to protect its copyrights and trademarks

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February 4th 12:31pm

Certified Links

Jennifer Lopez Named Global Ambassador For Gillete Venus (GO) Plaxico — I’ll Watch the Super Bowl From Prison! (GO) Cheryl Burke is Doughy in some Staged Bikini Pics of the Day (GO) How Iman Went From Supermodel to CEO (GO) Juelz Santana Released On Bail, Talks With Hot 97’s Angie Martinez (GO) Howard Stern Tells…

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February 4th 12:10pm

Jennifer Lopez And Husband Marc LopezAnthony Will Be Distinguished Guests At President Obama’s Superbowl Party

Word on the street is that this Superbowl party is going to be one helluva soiree, what happened to our invite Barry O!?!? The guest list for President Barack Obama’s White House Super Bowl party includes entertainers Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony as well as elected leaders from Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Obama said he’d go…

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February 4th 10:49am

When The Checks Stop Coming In: ‘Girls Gone Wild’ Creator Joe Francis Indicted For $2.5 Milli In Gambling Debts!

Damn son, all that bread you made and you can’t pay back a lil punk a** 2 million dollars???

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February 4th 10:40am

Gabby Sidibe & Zoe Kravitz Are About To Make It Rain On Indie Films

Actress, director and screenwriter Victoria Mahoney recently released the trailer to her latest film, “Yelling to the Sky.”

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February 4th 10:23am

Tired of The Tragic Mulatto Cop-Out

In the January 29 issue of the New York Times, I was met with the news that the biracial and multiracial classes are still as confused about their identify as they’ve always been. The self-indulgent 2.0 version of “Imitation of Life” reared its ugly head for the gazillionth time in a four page spread where…

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