September 1st 8:55pm

8 Big Cities Where Minorities Are The Majority

Well, it’s not surprising news that the white population in America is dwindling but the Tea Party, the KKK and other fear-promoting groups may just jump at the new demographic data recently released by the Brookings Institute.

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September 1st 6:32pm

In NBA Matrimony-dom News: Bobcats Forward Tyrus Thomas Makes Jaime Collins A “Real Actual” Basketball Wife

Welcome Jaime Collins — now Jaime Thomas into the real actual “Basketball Wives” Club.

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September 1st 5:28pm

Celebrity Cribs: Check Out How Director Michael Bay Is Living Off That Bad Boys/Transformers Money

Michael Bay, the man responsible for some of your favorite summer blockbusters, has directed 9 movies. Altogether, those nine movies including Bad Boys, the Transformers series, Armageddon, and Pearl Harbor, have grossed almost $2 Billion.

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September 1st 5:25pm

Give A Brotha A Chance: Dating A Broke Guy

Maybe your beau is struggling to find a job in this terrible economy. Or perhaps he’s on a fixed income due to graduate school or helping out family members or some sort of bad investment.

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September 1st 5:09pm

Dayyyuummmm Mya!!

Well looky at what we have here.

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September 1st 3:49pm

Beef In 140 Characters Or Less: 10 Beefs That Started, Escalated Or Ended Via Twitter

The amazing invention of Twitter has given us mere mortals a chance to interact with our favorites stars in a way we never imagined 10 or so years ago.

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September 1st 3:27pm

Hate It Or Love It: Nicki Minaj Flosses Her Colorful Fashions For Glamour Magazine

Here’s Nicki Minaj in full high-fashion mode on the pages of the upcoming issue of Glamour Magazine.

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September 1st 3:21pm

What Part Of The Game Is This?? Nasty Azz Cop Caught “Doing Sex” With Broad On The Hood Of A Car While In Uniform Not Charged

Word?? He’s in uniform, in public, and definitely caught in flagrante. But investigators said the state police officer caught on camera having sex on the hood of a car did not commit a crime

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September 1st 3:16pm

Jail Is Awesome! T.I. Came Out Of The Clink With A Brand New Book Deal Too

Now that T.I. is out of jail, all the endorsements have started pouring in.

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