March 15th 8:53am

Where Are My Parents?!?! U.K. Diagnoses The Youngest Alcoholic EVER…A 3 Year-Old!!

Somebody call DYFS (or whatever they have across the pond) and put this kid’s parents UNDER the jail!!

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March 15th 8:21am

What The Hell? Driver Of Deadly Casino Bus Crash Is Stone Cold Convicted Killer!

The driver of the deadly casino bus that crashed in the Bronx Sunday has become the main focus of the investigation as new information about his shady past has been revealed.

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March 15th 8:06am

True Or False: People Love Eminem More Than They Loved Michael Jackson

If Facebook is an accurate measure of these things, this one is actually

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March 15th 7:45am

Making It Rain On Them Hoes Or Checks Starting To Slow Down?? Nicki Minaj Has A New Gig…

Just when we were starting to think Nicki’s mainstream buzz was starting to die down…

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March 15th 7:36am

You Can’t Be Serious…Fugazi Pervert “Cancer Doctor” Only Sentenced To 6 Years In Prison?!?!

A phony cancer doc who sexually assaulted his vulnerable patients was sentenced today to six years in prison – but not before trying to withdraw his plea, claiming he thought he was getting six months. Michail Sorodsky pleaded guilty earlier this month to 20 charges – including first-degree rape – to avoid prosecution on more…

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March 15th 5:57am

What The Hell??? Crazy Florida Man Arrested For Stealing A Bag Of Dildos From His Boss’ Trailer

Along with the bag of dildos, this guy stole two laptops and a wig:

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March 15th 4:32am

So No One Wants To Talk About Elgin Charles Looking Like Steve Harvey’s Twin With A Wig?!?!

Last night, Elgin Charles’ new show on VH1 called “Beverly Hills Fabulous” aired and it was full of hair, of course, and drama. Any woman that goes to the hair salon knows anything is bound to happen. After Elgin Charles cameo appearance in Chris Rock’s “Good Hair”, he’s back on the screen with a reality…

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March 14th 5:04pm

Child Support Rears Its Ugly Head: Kill Bill Actor Wanted For Owing Over 500K To Kids’ Mother

SMH: Police have issued an arrest warrant for “Kill Bill” actor Michael Madsen, who allegedly owes more than half a million dollars of unpaid child support

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March 14th 4:32pm

New Black Kid On The Block From London To The U.S.: Rapper Chipmunk Ft. Keri Hilson “In The Air”

Chipmunk may be new to the scene when it comes to the U.S. but this kid has been working the UK for over two years. Signed to Columbia Records of Sony Music UK, Chipmunk’s first album, “I Am Chipmunk”, debuted in the UK in 2009. Now-a-days he’s preparing for the release of his second album…

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March 14th 4:26pm

Baby Mama Drama: Ryan Phillippe Has A Baby On The Way With Ex-Jawn??

SMH at this Ryan Phillipe character “spreading” his love juice around very loosely:

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March 14th 3:57pm

Lil Wayne And Busta Rhymes Host Party At Cameo Miami [Photos]

Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes were spotted in Miami Saturday for the 400 Club’s annual “Saturdays With The 400″ celebration. Busta, who was on the bill to perform, was joined onstage by Weezy who surprised spring breakers and took the mic as well. As previously reported, Wayne is scheduled to kick off his I Am…

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