June 20th 12:03pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: 2 Little Boys Pass Away In The Trunk Of A Car

This is awful … just awful. How in the world did this happen?

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June 20th 11:56am

These Scammin’ Hoes Ain’t Sh*t: Two Women Arrested For Collecting Money For A Funeral For A “Fake Baby”

Anything for a quick buck these days: Two women were arrested after allegedly begging for donations to pay for the funeral of a dead baby that doesn’t exist

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June 20th 11:30am

Wedding Belles: Hollywood’s Prettiest Black Brides [Photos]

Wedding season is in full effect and a number of celebs are tying the knot, the latest being Lil Wayne’s ex Toya Carter who married her longtime boo BET’s MempHitz over the weekend.

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June 20th 10:53am

7 African Entrepreneurs Who Inspire Innovation

Utilizing the resources of their homelands these visionaries thrive and raise the bar.

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June 20th 10:04am

Thank #DemBabies: Nicky Cannon Says His Wife Mariah Carey Really Knows What “Being A Woman” Is About Now

Nice that at the age of 41 years-young, Mariah “Butterfly” Carey, understands what being a woman is about

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June 20th 9:58am

Caption This: Wiz Khalifa And The Other Men In Amber Rose’s Life

Here is Wiz Khalifa with Amber Rose’s daddy and her brothers.

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June 20th 9:50am

To Whom Do These ‘Kini Clad Ginger Bread Cakes Belong???

Can you guess which ’90’s pop star put her ‘kini body on blizzast this weekend during a “family” vacay???

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June 20th 9:48am

Darkness Everybody!!! OchoCinco And Plaxico Test Out Their BroMance In Miami

If you’re a football player, the new thing to do seems to be working out with OchoCinco in Miami.

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June 20th 9:38am

Another Day, Another Child Support Case: Percy “Master P” Miller Ordered To Pay Only $271 A Month For 4 Kids!!

Dayum, this guy KNOWS he can afford to pay this woman!!! Master P was ordered by a court to fork over just $271/month in a child support for his FOUR kids …

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June 20th 9:06am

Who Is Our NBA Daddy???

Guess which proud NBA Daddy tweeted this picture of himself with his sons on Father’s Day??? Here’s a hint — he doesn’t have a championship ring but he calls himself King.

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June 20th 8:55am

Some Matrimony-dom Preciousness: Monica And Hubby Shannon Brown At Toya And Memphitz Wedding

Semi-NewlywedsMonica and Shannon Brown hit up Toya Carter’s wedding over the weekend…

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June 20th 8:33am

Daddy Don’t Play That: Brooklyn Dad Takes Out Teen Thugs Sniper Style From His Bedroom Window!

Damn bruh, you couldn’t just rough them up a little bit?! They’re kids!

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