May 3rd 8:59am

Would You Hit This?? That bin Laden Swag

Here is one of Osama bin Laden‘s nineteen sons, 30-year-old Omar bin Laden.

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May 3rd 8:58am

You Can’t Be Serious…Police Arrest Drunk A**hole Claiming To Be Bin Laden With A Bomb

Here we go, we’re sure there will plenty of this dumb sh*t over the next few months…SMH

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May 3rd 8:51am

For The Stans: The Knowles-Carters Celebrate Alexander McQueen’s Legacy With The Beautiful People Of NYC

Here are Shawn and Beyonce Knowles-Carter at the Costume Institute Gala At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art in NYC last night.

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May 3rd 8:35am

From The Looney Bin: NFL Running Back Thinks This Whole Bin Laden Thing Is One Big Conspiracy

You may not know much about Rashard Mendenhall besides the fact that he’s the running back for the Steelers that fumbled the ball close to the end of the Super Bowl costing his team the game.

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May 3rd 8:10am

You Ain’t Mike: Kobe Clanks Game-Winning Shot Against The Mavs

Dear Kobe, Michael Jordan called and said he wants his swagger back.

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May 3rd 8:07am

Making It Rain On Them Child Actors: Weezy’s First Baby Is Getting That Reality Gwap

Toya (still)Carter isn’t the only one cashing those TV checks off the strength of Lil Wayne‘s last name.

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May 3rd 8:06am

Jesus Take The Wheel: 10-Year-Old Allegedly Kills His Neo-Nazi Dad

Ain’t this a shame. So much is wrong with this story.

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May 2nd 8:39pm

For Discussion: Does This Whole Bin Laden Situation Really Mean Anything?

All day, every single media outlet – including us, we know – has been talking about Osama bin Laden’s death…

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May 2nd 7:59pm

Blast From The Past: Do You Recognize This Rapper?

This guy has never shied away from sharing his relationship details with his adoring fans and Social network followers. And the chicks are usually pretty bad. Almost inexplicably so. Do you recognize him?

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May 2nd 7:40pm

The Epitome Of Delusional!

Are you… are you serious?

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May 2nd 7:39pm

The 16th Minute: Kat Stacks Talks Sh*t About Soulja Boy And Diamond From The Whoscow!

They haven’t sent this dirty a** broad back to Venezuela already sheesh.

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May 2nd 7:21pm

True Or False: T.I.’s Grand Hustle Imprint Couldn’t Survive His Perpetual Incarceration

Between the fact that Young L.A. lost his damn mind and that their Atlanta office recently shut it’s doors, rumors have been floating around that Grand Hustle Records was a wrap.

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May 2nd 6:30pm

Shady A** Gadhafi And Hosni Mubarak Been Making It Rain On Them Hoes Hiding Dem Stacks In Swiss Banks

It’s one thing to be a little corrupt, but these cats were GETTIN’ IT!!

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