January 20th 4:01pm

Lightenin’ Up: 10 Celebrities Accused Of Bleaching Their Skin

Whether it was admitted or denied, a lot of Hollywood is getting lighter for some reason and a lot of people have suspected bleaching.

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January 20th 3:28pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Fan Pays Homage To Gucci Mane With Ice Cream Cone Tattoo (GO) How To Step Up Your Career This Year (GO) T.I. Ft. Shun Hendrix – Follow Ya Dreams (GO) Katy Perry Announces New U.S. Tour Dates (GO) Nelly And Snoop Dogg To Appear On The TV Show “90210″ (GO) Ricky Martin Wants A Baby…

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January 20th 2:15pm

Stop The Violence: Teacher Admits To Running “Fight Club” For Little Juvenile Delinquents

SMH. We bet Mr. Wesley’s momma thought she had done a great job, raising a son who could inspire young Black men away from the trife life.

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January 20th 1:47pm

The Black Woman’s Bucket List

We all have a list, whether tangible or not, of the things we’d like to do and experience before our time expires.

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January 20th 1:25pm

Hoes Throw Down Over 50 Tyson

Thirsty hoes love them some 50 Tyson!

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January 20th 1:13pm

Another Day, Another Raz B/Ricky Romance Publicity Stunt Shut Down

We called it: that whole “Yung Joc tried to have me and my brother beat up” yang Ricky Romance was spitting to TMZ yesterday was less than truthful.

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January 20th 12:57pm

Dear Bossip: Why is He Discussing Our Problems With his Ex?

Dear Bossip, I’ve been with my man for about 2 years and I’m just now catching wind of something that has become a huge issue. Like, I said, we’ve been together for 2 years and like any other couple we’ve had out issues. I try my best to communicate with him when we have our

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January 20th 12:40pm

Republicans Throw President Obama Under The Bus! Obama’s Healthcare Law is a ‘Job Killer’

With really little chance to repeal President Obama’s greatest victory to date, the Health Care Law, Republicans in the House of Representatives are determined to shut President Obama down.

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January 20th 12:25pm

Need A Job?: The Ten Best Cities For Job Seekers In 2011

Although unemployment has been at it’s lowest within the past years since the Great Depression, the Economy has been showing signs of growth as the unemployment numbers slowly decrease. Research has shown that jobs have been increasing in almost every field that includes retail, automotive, media, and many more variety of jobs. Click here to…

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January 20th 12:03pm

UFC President Dana White Says Women Will “Never” Fight In His Octogon

Sounds like the UFC isn’t trying to let the ladies catch fade, but we can’t figure out why. Everybody likes to watch a cat fight.

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January 20th 11:58am

Jesse James Ain’t Sh*t: Officially Engaged To Tatted-Up Kat Von D

SMH. All the Twitter PDA talk was not in vain:

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January 20th 11:35am

Question Of The Day: Where, Oh Where, Should Little Melo Go???

Seems like nowadays the NBA is full of as much drama as a friggin soap opera when it comes to trading players.

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