August 26th 3:42pm

SMH: Montel Williams Gives The Shady Salahis A Ho Sit Down For Attempts To Tie Him To Their Fraudulent Event

Those shady Salahis are up to their usual skullduggery but Montel Williams ain’t having it!

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August 26th 2:59pm

Hi Hater: Chris Brown’s Neighbors Keep Reporting Him To His Probation Officer, Trying To Get Him Revoked

We are hardly the ones to champion for Chris Brown, but let that kid live already!

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August 26th 2:41pm

Are You Feelin This Get Up??

Cee-Lo Green performed at the DIRECTV Old School Challenge rockin a glittery gold get up.

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August 26th 2:00pm

How Reality Television Lowers The Bar For Aspirational Women

Should young women be looking up to Basketball Wives and those who capitalize off sex tapes?

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August 26th 1:30pm

What A Job This Is: 10 Terrible Gigs That Will Keep Money In Your Pocket

In this tough economic climate, sometimes you have to roll up your sleeves and do what you gotta do to get paid.

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August 26th 1:25pm

Perverts: Nasty Child-Molesting Pediatrician Sentenced To 14 Life Terms Plus 164 Years For Sick Acts!!!

Delaware pediatrician Dr. Earl “McNasty Baby-Toucher” Bradley will spend the rest of his miserable existence having inmates do unto him what he’s done unto poor innocent babies.

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August 26th 12:22pm

Who Wanna Rumble With The B, Huh? People That Have Thrown Shade On Beyonce

King B always has people throwing rocks at the throne. Which celebrities have sent their insults in her direction?

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August 26th 12:19pm

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