June 2nd 3:10pm

This Is A Joke Right?!??: Nicki Minaj… Hip-Hop’s New Superwoman To The Rescue

Nicki Minaj covers the upcoming issue of VIBE and they are calling her Hip-Hop’s New Superwoman. Obviously, it’s not Nicki Minaj’s fault for thinking she’s great… It’s everybody else that is feeding her the bullsh*zzz. At least she’s about to drop the funny voice thing… Pop the Top for Nicki’s Explanation and Behind the Scene…

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June 2nd 2:15pm

Inmate Faces Additional Charges For Hiding 12 Bags Of Heroin In Vagina

An inmate in a Florida jail is set to be reprimanded after officers say she smuggled up to 12 bags of heroin into the facility by stuffing them inside her vagina. Details when you Continue

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June 2nd 12:42pm

Are You Feelin’ These Get Ups?

Givenchy is high fashion, but as Ciara already showed us earlier this year — some of this shizz is not meant to be worn outdoors. Courtney Love, Christina Ricci and Liv Tyler turned up for Givenchy’s event at MOMA in NYC. Two out of three of these ladies look like they’re “on one” but Are…

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June 2nd 12:40pm

“As A Jew…” Barney Frank Is “Ashamed” By Israeli Treatment Of Arabs

Israel continues to face major criticism from across the world after their deadly raid on a Gaza aid flotilla this weekend, including strong words from a Jewish member of the House of Representatives, Massachusetts Democrat Barney Frank. His comments on the flipside…

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June 2nd 12:36pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Diddy Opens Up “Earth Friendly” Sean John Store in California [Video] (GO) Opinion: Abandon Detroit, Abandon Black America (GO) Heidi Montag: “Can’t You See The Sadness? In My Butt” (GO) Boy Loses Testicle After Being Punched In Groin [Video] (GO) Hoda Plans To Use A Giant Tampon On BP Oil Spill (GO) Teen Super-Glues Friend’s…

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June 2nd 12:30pm

Dear Bossip: She Needs to Move On

Bossip I have a major problem. Well I’ve been with my man for about a year and change and he has a girl who’s 6 and a 4 year old boy with his baby mama. They were engaged and she called off the wedding because she felt like

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June 2nd 12:29pm

BossipVideo.com Links!

50 Cent Talks In Detail About Weight Loss And Writing The Movie: CLICK HERE Jesus Take The Wheel; Mom Gets Double Life After Slicing Her Own Daughters’ Throats (911 Calls Released): CLICK HERE The Smoking 2-Yr Old… 10 Yrs Later!!!: CLICK HERE Nicki Minaj Before She Was With Young Money… Giving Out Her Phone Number:…

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June 2nd 12:00pm

Random Ridiculousness: Natalie Nunn And Her Chin Have A Sushi Roll Named After Them

Natalie Nunn has gone too far. SMH. This broad cannot be serious. We bet this Natalie Nunn character sure thinks she’s “making it rain on these hoes” with this one!!!

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June 2nd 11:46am

Nasty Is As Nasty Does And Which Nasty A$$ Trick Is This?!??

Photographer Freddy-O was out on the scene and found this like skeeez lurking the streets of Atlanta. If you can’t tell by the stank stance and ghetto nails who this is, here’s a hint: After last week, one would think that this little rat would have left town already!!! Flip the Lid to Find Out

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June 2nd 11:25am

“The Gay Housewives Of New York” Type Show Coming To Logo Called The A List

Reality TV is about to get even more “interesting”…the gay TV network Logo has a new show premiering this summer called “The A List” where coupled up gay guys (mostly models) “live it up” in NYC. Peep the cast on the flippy…

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June 2nd 10:45am

Certified Links

Nas Reportedly Removes Kelis Tattoo [Pictures] (GO) Stevie Wonder Pays a Visit to Michael Jackson (GO) Kristen Stewart Panty Flash of the Day (GO) Gucci Mane Drops New Video “911 Emergency” (GO) Alabama’s May Be First Black Dem. Nominee For Gov. (GO) VIDEO: Lady Gaga Says She’s Tested “Borderline Positive” For Lupus; Shares Michael Jackson…

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June 2nd 10:45am

Update: Attorney For Family Of 7-Year-Old Killed By Police Claims Cover-Up Scheme

An attorney for the family of the 7-year-old girl shot and killed by Detroit police is making allegations that police lied about the child’s death and are trying to cover up their wrongdoing. Continue…

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June 2nd 10:44am

Which One Would You Hit???

Sorry for the Morning Fug, but if you HAD to choose one of these “gentlemen” to bed, Which One Would You Hit??? Pop the hood for more shots of Mr. Fangs and Mr. Fixodent along with DJ Drama, Breezy and more!

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June 2nd 10:42am

BOSSIP Exclusive: Asia’h “Outta Time”

Here is a new track from Babyface’s protege Asia’h called “Outta Time” (prod. Adonis) off her forthcoming mixtape “Deal With It” hosted by Don Cannon. Pop the top to have a listen…

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June 2nd 10:40am

The Dream’s New Video “Make Up Bag” Sends All Men The Wrong Message… Dropping $5K Is Just A Start When You F**k Up!!!

The Dream’s new video “Make Up Bag” featuring T.I. was just released with a cameo appearance Jason Weaver. Now we know what The Dream buys Christina Milian everytime he f**ks up… a $5,000 bag. Dayyumm, is that all she’s worth?!?! Pop the Top for a Peek

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