June 15th 2:00pm

The Not So Popular Criticism Of The Let’s Move Campaign

Is Michelle Obama’s campaign contributing to bullying?

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June 15th 1:52pm

Coupled Up: Basketball Wives’ “Actual Wife” Meeka Claxton And Husband Speedy Seen On The Scene In NYC

Meeka Claxton, along with hubby Speedy, hit up the Rue New York City event last night.

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June 15th 1:01pm

Certified Links

Elsewhere On The Web …

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June 15th 12:35pm

Case Of Mistaken Identity: When Celebrities Claim Their Twitter And Facebook Accounts Get Hacked

Twitter and Facebook are delicate social media platforms. People can hack into accounts and steal identities like it’s nothing.

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June 15th 12:12pm

Guess Which Knocked Up Hollyweird Actress Just Bought This $5.3 Million Pacific Palisades Crib?

Currently carrying a gut full of rocker, the Hollyweirdian who bought this crib is a celebrity seed herself. Can you guess who is making it rain in Pacific Palisades?

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June 15th 11:15am

10 Must See Hip-Hop Acts & Tours For This Summer

Concerts and live shows are an important and authentic tool for artists to

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June 15th 11:14am

Random Ridiculousness: The Koala Population Is Being Wiped Out By… Chlamydia???

Who knew Koalas, of all creatures, were about THAT life???

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June 15th 11:02am

Wait A Damn Minute: GOP Slashes Food Aid To Low Income Families But Extends Funds To Save Flowers And Animals?

The wrong-wingers say slash money for food for hungry children but there’s room in the budget to save azalea flowers and protect pet extras in films? Wow!

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June 15th 10:52am

Gaming Gurus: 6 Black-Owned Companies That Play Hard

From the educational to the olfactory they’re redefining the industry.

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