March 18th 11:06am

Fawk A Plea Deal!! Jessica White Is Really Out To Prove Her Gangsta

Or should we say out to prove that she’s not gangsta?

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March 18th 10:18am

Robert De Niro Says: ‘You Think You’re Gonna Steal From Me And Get Away With It?? Fuhgeddaboudit!!

(Robert De Niro Sr.) Legendary actor Robert De Niro will appear in court in front of “your honor” to defend his father’s estate from some money-grubbin’ buchiach (see b*tch).

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March 18th 10:01am

Random Ridiculousness: Women Get Casts Of Pregnant Bellies And Hang Them On The Mantle Over The Fireplace??

SMH: It might not be everybody’s idea of art, but Anna Murphy likes her cast of her baby bump on display on the mantelpiece.

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March 18th 9:57am

In Dysfunctional White Folks News: Billy Ray Cyrus & Miley’s Mama Bring The Family Back Together

After all that inter-family slander, blocking of interviews, bong hits and random Miley skankiness, the Cyruses are back to being one happy family.

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March 18th 9:45am

Pilar & Deion Sanders Engage In Some Wholesome Family Vacation Fun

Pilar and Deion Sanders took their children, Shilo, Shedeur, Shelomi (SMH)

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March 18th 9:37am

A “Lil Positivity”: Polow Da Don Honored In Atlanta For His Work With Charity

Say what you will about Polow Da Don, but there is no denying that he has dedicated a lot of his career to supporting other people’s dreams.

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March 18th 9:30am

Name That Cake…

Here’s two hints: She’s a former model and last time she was spotted on the beach she was doing rather “inappropriate things” with

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March 18th 9:15am

Pure Comedy: Billy Dee Williams Parody “The Most Interesting Black Man in the World”, Funny or Die?

Black TV writer Kevin Garnett’s new parody series, “The Most Interesting Black Man in the World”

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March 18th 8:34am

This Guy Right Here Ain’t Sh*t

Meet Bobby Grady. Bobby Grady is a cold-hearted bastard and is being held on $500,000 bond for doing two heinous crimes:

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March 18th 8:30am

The Side-eye: “Source” Says There Is No Truth To The Rih-Rih And Colin Farrell Skanky, Swirling, Sexting Situation

We think it goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU, YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE!!

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March 18th 8:26am

US/UN Military Action In Libya Could Start As Early As Sunday

Now that Moammar Gadhafi has closed off the airspace around Libya and threatened to hit the people with a “final assault,” the U.N. has voted to take “all necessary means” to protect the people of Libya.

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