July 28th 12:20pm

In White Folks With Black Babies News: Sandra Bullock Spotted With Lil Louis Bardo Rockin Some Girly Shoes

Here is Sandra Bullock and her lil “Cajun Cookie” baby Louis Bardo arriving

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July 28th 12:17pm

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Elsewhere On The Web…

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July 28th 11:32am

You ARE The Father: Notorious Celebrity Baby Daddies

A wise man once said, “You are the father” before thousands of men crumpled to the ground in tears after being dubbed a “baby daddy.”

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July 28th 11:00am

Black Filmmakers & TV Producers Taking Creative Control Through the Web

Instead of waiting for Hollywood’s permission — and dollars — these artists are giving themselves the green light to produce their own online series.

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July 28th 10:50am

New Miguel Music Video “Quickie” [Video]

Miguel Says “He Doesn’t Want To Be Loved.”

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July 28th 10:47am

10 Things Women Find Unattractive

Last week one of our male writers crafted a piece entitled “10 Things Men Find UNattractive”.

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July 28th 10:26am

Hey Nas… How Ya Doin’? Hope You Are Not Taking That Number

“Yeah, so what I was sayin’ was… your lyrics really inspired me…”

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July 28th 10:07am

Crazed Norwegian Gunman Headed To Club Med Type “Luxury Prison” With Flat Screen TVs And Rock Climbing (Photos)

So this Anders Behring Breivik guy murks a gang of people in Norway and gets to go to a “Luxury Prison”???

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July 28th 9:54am

Not A Total Betty But A Vast Improvement: Professional Skank Ke$ha Took A Bath And Some Pretty Pictures

Here is always-skanked-out singer/rapper Ke$ha looking cleaner than we have ever seen her.

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July 28th 9:42am

Pure Comedy: Jessica Alba Asks About Preggo Sex “Is There Any Way To Harm The Baby?”

LOL… What kind of freaky isht are you and Cash doing, Jessica?

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July 28th 9:39am

America’s Health Care Tab To Hit $4.6 TRILLION By 2020…Yes, We Said TRILLION!

The nation’s health care tab is on track to hit $4.6 trillion in 2020, accounting for about $1 of every $5 in the economy

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July 28th 9:33am

Suspect: Kris Humphries Has An Interesting Reaction To Kimmy Cakes’ Not-So-Kinky Bridal Shower Gift [Video]

In less than 30 days, Kim Kardashian will give Kris Humphries her last name and a cut from those reality TV checks.

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July 28th 9:29am

Ho Sit Down: Black GOP Candidate Herman Cain Apologizes For Muslim Remarks

Remember when Herman Cain was talking all that yang about Muslims trying to sneak in Shariah law?? Well now he’s sorry he even opened his big mouth:

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